Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Long Weekend Decorating Inspirations

[via Martha Stewart Living]

I've been browsing through some old magazines to get some inpiration for how to decorate the house for and celebrate Canada Day this weekend. Most of my inspiration is taken from American publications, but it still works, and anyway, many of you will be celebrating the Fourth of July shortly after anyway!

I'm so drawn to the idea of decorating the house with flags. It just feels timeless and historic and proper to have flags proudly displayed around the house. I love driving through old towns with buntings draped from grand old porches and flags marking each post of a white picket fence.

Since Friday is Canada Day, our town will be celebrating with a fireworks show over the canal. Luckily for us, our home is conveniently in the most perfect spot to sit in our front yard and enjoy the show. Since we have a few other things going on this weekend, we wanted to have a very relaxed evening. I decided that we would simply invite some friends over for pie and coffee. Just before dusk means that families are free to enjoy their day off as they wish, but still early enough for our kids to spend some time playing in the yard before it gets dark and the fun begins.

[via Martha Stewart Living]

[via Martha Stewart Living]

[via Veranda]

[via Martha Stewart Living]


I'm trying to decide on what assortment of pies to serve. So far I've saved the last of my Rhubarb and some local Strawberries for a Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie. I'm thinking I will likely make my favourite, Chocolate Pecan Pie and possibly a classic Apple Pie for Ryan.

Either way, a slice or two of pie and a hot coffee will be the perfect pair for this simple Canada Day celebration.

[via A Daily Something]

And finally, in just a couple hours, I will watch Willen get off the bus for the last time this year! I'm so looking forward to having him home for the summer. And I don't want to think about the fact that next year, both of my boys will be heading off to school all day. 

Luckily I'll have something to keep me busy... 
More on that soon.


  1. Oh yes you will...
    Enjoy your Canada Day!
    Susan x

  2. It is Canada day, not America day.

    1. Yes, we are aware. I was simply looking for inspiration on how to use our Canadian flag in our celebration.

      Happy Canada Day!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Enjoy your Canadian 4th of the inspiration of a rectangle shaped pie! This makes me want to create some new shapes.

    Happy Beautiful 4th


  4. would have preferred to see your house decorated in canadian flags. love your blog and your own pictures more.

  5. would have preferred to see your house decorated in canadian flags. love your blog and your own pictures more.

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