Monday, June 13, 2016

In Season - Peonies and The First Strawberries

With our local farmer's markets back in full swing, the displays of local fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, and fresh-baked goods seem to become more abundant each week as more becomes available.

This week was a favourite of mine and it meant a special trip into a neighboring city's Saturday morning market.

For only two or three weeks in the year, a local Peony grower fills a stand with pails and pails of Peonies, in as many as half a dozen different varieties. I snapped a picture with my cellphone quickly to send to Ryan so he could understand my excitement.

She sells them for $4 a bunch (five stems) or 3 bunches for $10.

Needless to say, we each left with an armful of peonies.

Another favourite sight were rows and rows of little baskets mounded full of bright red strawberries.

Our strawberry season has officially begun and we are looking forward to when we are able to "pick-your-own", which will start in the coming weeks. There are few things as wonderful as freshly-picked strawberries, still warm from the sun.

These berries didn't last long. I couldn't wash them fast enough.

And no trip to the market is complete without taking home a treat - this week we picked a sticky bun and pain au chocolat and split them between us.

The Peonies found their homes all over the house. In the bathrooms on the vanities, on my night table, on the coffee tables and on the mantel.



  1. They are gorgeous! We have a lovely pink in our yard. I am always tempted to plant more! I picked up the best strawberries at our local market, too. We ate that quart in no time! They were so good. Your photos are beautiful.

  2. l loved seeing your gorgeous Summery post...the peonies are stunning and what a fantastically good price, they are usually around 10-20 dollars a bunch here in Oz and that's when they're in season...The strawberries looks absolutely delish.

  3. Indeed! Peonies are lovely. They are my best friend's favorite flower. I was recently in Seattle visiting her and the peonies at the farmers market were amazing.

  4. Love your growers market feel in designs with your beautiful vignettes...the market tote divinely stylish....mantle love and so natural.

    Beautiful visit here.



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