Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weekend Celebrations and Some Antique Finds

This past weekend we had lots to celebrate.

First, it was Willen's 7th birthday - something that is so unbelievable to me... seven. I can hardly believe how old he seems in these photos. He's still so young to me, and yet when I see this, I see that he's not. He's become this independent, smart and loving person, who is always learning new things and creating and exploring and longing for me to let him be free and adventurous.

Instead of a big party, we invited the few kids on our block that we don't really know so well. Summer holidays are one week away and we wanted him to meet some neighbors who he could spend time with this summer. This is a lovely "after" shot of the party, but we were busy having fun.

We also got to celebrate this handsome man whom I love and count as one of my greatest blessings. This man has no idea how deeply I love him and how thankful I am to be his. God has transformed him into the father I dreamt would raise my children with me and He continues to do the most beautiful work in Him. He is one amazing father and we love him.

And even amidst all the celebrating, I was able to sneak out on Saturday morning with my sister for a quick sale at Oliver and Rust. I picked up a basket, a metal carrier which was for my dad (he has a slight obsession with little feeders and carriers right now) and an ironstone sugar pot.

I also grabbed these two gorgeous pillows that she makes. They match our couch perfectly, and are the perfect size for our two sitting chairs.


  1. Happy Birthday to Willen!
    I love the Cable & Ring Sugar pot :)
    Deni in NC

  2. Happy Birthday to your young man ( Willen) and I so get where your coming from with how old they look get in our hearts they are still our babies.
    Love your little treasured finds on your outing...looks like pieces I would have picked up, I too have a thing for galvanized feeders, I have a few in my mix.

    Looks wonderful over here.


  3. My granddaughter (that lives with us) is about to turn 6. I am amazed by the passage of time. Childhood really is so fleeting. Looks like it was a lovely party.

    Love your finds, the basket in particular is beautiful. Have you zipped up Hwy. 3 to the Green Barn as yet? She often has some lovely items.

    Did you make your wing chair cover or buy it? I have one that probably needs to be left by the roadside, but it is so comfortable I can't bear to.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      I have been down to the Green Barn a few times. In fact, I bumped into her at this sale!

      Also, my slipcovers are ordered from surefit. They are their duck cloth ones.

      Happy Monday,

  4. Your home is beautful! I like the simpleness the color of the wood and bright light. Lovely.


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