Monday, June 6, 2016

A Weekend Away - The Country Living Fair

I'm back, and what a wonderful, quick little trip away it was!

My mother in law met me at 5:30 on Friday morning and we headed down with two other friends to Rhinebeck, NY for the Country Living Fair. We arrived just before lunch and had all afternoon to browse the show. The weather was questionable all week, but it wasn't going to stop us, and thankfully we didn't let it! It was perfect show weather - overcast, warm but no humidity and breezey.


I visited some of my favourite vendors, and enjoyed taking in their creatively styled displays and collections of found treasures.

There are always so many interesting things to see - it just feeds your creativity.


What I did find for myself, my mother in law purchased to put away as a birthday gift for me - some ironstone pieces and the most adorable little basket.

I would have loved to take home one of these gorgeous topiaries, but crossing the border with live plants isn't encouraged, so I didn't want to risk having it taken.

While I was browsing through this particular booth, which was located at the back of the stage area, I was half listening to the introduction of the next speaker. She got my full attention however, when I heard her mention about an award-winning blogger from Connecticut. Nora Murphy of Nora Murphy Country House was doing a live presentation. I just loved that! I didn't have time to sit and watch, but I listened as I slowly walked around that particular barn. Over the past year, her blog and style have been a great inspiration to me. I'm so drawn to her beautifully curated mood boards for each season, and how those seasons effect her home, her gardens and eye for making the simple beautiful. It was one of those right place at the right time moments and it added something more special to the trip.

After the fair, we headed to our hotel in Hudson, NY. We had stayed here before and enjoyed the town. After freshening up a bit, we headed out to the authentic pizza joint for a great dinner.

The next morning, before heading out on a scenic drive home, we opened a favourite store in Hudson - Red Chair Antiques. We browsed around for a while and then headed out.

It's a shop that is just full of the most beautiful European object, all perfectly displayed.

We made our way to Kinderhook, a tiny town about 40 minutes North of Hudson. It was Saturday morning so we caught the local farmer's market and walked through the town square. Before leaving we found this little cafe with a squeaky door and friendly locals, and enjoyed a delicious lunch. And of all things, a drum and pipe parade, complete with period costumes, marched right past the shop. Once again we noted that the best things happen on unplanned adventures.

This old man sold the sweetest bouquets of his garden flowers. The peonies tucked in them made me smile.

On our way home, we took the slower country drive through the small towns and winding hills. We stopped at one man flea markets and antique stores whenever we we came across them and by the time we made it back home, my car was quite full!

A highlight was coming across this salvage place - Fort Plain Antiques and Salvage. It's a warehouse of architectural treasures that will reward anyone who is willing to get a little dirty digging through it.

Can't wait to show some of the great finds I came across.

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  1. This looks like it was so fun and fruitful, who doesn't love a traditional country fair?


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