Tuesday, June 19, 2018

nantucket - day one

Oh Nantucket, how quickly you have become one of our most favorite places.

Because of the number of photos I took from our few days here, I decided to share them with you by day. It really is a magical island and was so perfectly suited to our taste.

It is roughly an eight hour drive from our home to the ferry, followed by an hour ferry ride to the island. We left early on Sunday morning, and decided to stay on the Cape, allowing us to take our time driving, stopping whenever we wanted. We camped  - which was an adventure, and reminded us of our honeymoon. I stayed comfortably on an air mattress in our van, while Ryan roughed it in his coffin of a tent beside me. We barely stayed up long enough to watch the stars come out while we sat by the fire. The next morning we traveled to Hyannis (where the Ferry departs) the scenic way, through the most charming little towns of Sandwich and Barnstable. 

We couldn't help stopping by a few historical places and walking about.

Before we boarded the ferry, we stopped in Hyannis at Pain d'Avignon for honestly, the most amazing Pan au Chocolat and Almond Croissant I have ever eaten.

We were happy we reserved tickets for the high speed ferry, which meant less time travelling, and a couple extra hours to walk around town when we docked.

We stayed at the Gate House, part of the Robert's Collection right in town, which was ideal as we walked everywhere in town.

Our room was extremely reasonable, and just what we needed. We didn't spend much time in the room as there was a courtyard right outside.

After unpacking and a quick shower to freshen up (we were a little salty and wind-blown from sitting outside on the ferry!), we changed for dinner and started wandering around the cobblestone streets downtown. Because we went mid-June, it's still considered off season, and we found that to be ideal. It was busy enough, but we never needed a reservation, or had to wait long anywhere. Also, the weather was perfect!

We were slightly early to see the Roses and Hydrangeas in bloom, but the gardens didn't disappoint. Every home, in the smallest spaces possible, boasted beautifully manicured little gardens and the most unique window boxes.

I was thrilled though, whenever I found an early rose bush in bloom!

After dinner at the Brotherhood of Thieves, a dark and cozy basement pub, we strolled around until it was dusk, ending our walk in Lily Pond Park - the prettiest little wetland sort of area with boardwalks and rabbits bouncing around all over. We sat and watched the sun set, listening to the sounds of the frogs and birds, and then made our way back into town in the dark. It provided us the perfect opportunity to glance in the windows and see the interiors of so many of the perfect homes in town.

We finished the evening with cappuccinos and dessert at Dune and collapsed on our bed as soon as we returned, looking forward to the next day, when we'd head out to 'Sconset.


  1. I read and enjoy your blog though I have never commented. Imagine my surprise upon reading your "Canadian" blog to see pictures of familiar buildings! I live in Sandwich, MA and was married at the Hoxie House (2nd pic - oldest house on Cape Cod) and have been to the Thornton Burgess Museum (1st pic) many times. We were married 14 years ago out behind the Hoxie House in July among the hydrangeas and overlooking Shawmee Pond. Did you camp in Shawmee Crowell State Park? You were very very wise to go to Nantucket in early June. In 2 more weeks it's insanely crowded. Hope you enjoyed our little bit of coastal New England. Several years ago we vacationed in and enjoyed Niagra-on-the-Lake which I believe is quite near you. Small world. :-)

    1. We were so happy we detoured that way! We kept saying our Niagara on the Lake is beautiful, but it's still not as beautiful as out there. We camped once in Wareham and once in Provincetown. So glad you commented. It is a small world.

  2. Sounds wonderful. Lovely photos! What a sweet bunny on the boardwalk!

  3. Thank you for sharing I now have a new place to see added to my bucket list ����


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