Monday, June 25, 2018

shop inspiration - flowers on chestnut, nantucket

I wanted to give you a little tour of one of my favourite shops on Nantucket - Flowers on Chestnut.

Before I saw the shop, we walked past the courtyard and it made me smile.

All the cut flowers are arranged in buckets and grouped by colour.

I loved this sweet little view into the back.

I also liked this little rabbit figure.

And this pretty arrangement of blue ware.

It really had such a great mix of so much of what I love - wood pieces and natural fibre rugs, baskets and linen, blue transferware and hotel silver.

And a great collection of beautiful design books and cook books.

I loved these bird plates framed with over-sized mats.

See why it needed an entire post all to itself?


  1. Such a beautiful shop! Those flowers. I can only imagine how that space must have smelled.

  2. What a lovely shop !! They only have white flowers ? ..enjoy summer love Ria x 💜

    1. No, they grouped flowers by colour around the shop - this was the white section.


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