Monday, October 7, 2019

monday musings - the beginning of october

Somehow, the first week of October is behind us, and for those of us here in Canada, Thanksgiving is now only a week away.

Originally, my plans for this week included picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, getting the house ready for thanksgiving dinner, spending a day curating the perfect table for our dinner, baking at least two pies with beautifully detailed crusts, and walking the Thanksgiving shows at the historic conservation area nearby.

My current plans now include not lifting anything heavier than my kettle and trying to force myself to not over do it just because I'm feeling a lot more like myself.

Instead of being frustrated with all that I can't do, I'm going to embrace the season and focus on being grateful - it is Thanksgiving after all. I will try to get to the pumpkin stand (I do have a few strong boys to help me lift the perfect pumpkins), I may wander about the shows if I'm up for the walking, and if not, maybe we'll just go for a pretty fall drive. I will enjoy Thanksgiving at my mom's, and then celebrate American Thanksgiving with a small dinner for our family later, as I'll be recovered by then and fully able to lift a turkey and roll out pie dough.

And since I've enjoyed a ridiculous amount of free time to collect inspirations, I thought I would share some of the things that have been on my mind, starting with the gorgeous Musque de Provence pumpkins above. I've mentioned it before, but I take my pumpkin selecting very seriously. As a result, I also tend to visit a number of stands and farms throughout the season, just so I have my selection of the best varieties.

(photo from Everyday Occasions)

The key to a great Thanksgiving, as Ina would say, is being prepared ahead of time. Planning everything out is so easy using this tablet from Everyday Occasions. Her containers are also perfect for prepping food ahead of time. Chopped ingredients can wait in the fridge making the actual cooking so much easier, and things like the gravy base and cranberry sauce can be frozen well ahead. A good plan and being well prepared make anything less stressful and so much more enjoyable.

(Photo from Martha Stewart Living)

I'm always drawn to brown transferware in the fall, and the Thanksgiving table is the perfect place to showcase pieces.

(Photo by @thecooksatelier)

It's also the perfect time to pull out all the pretty stemware and best flatware.

(Photo by Willams Sonoma)

Perfect Pies. They're like the crowning glory of the Thanksgiving menu. The last beautiful display at the end of the holiday. I don't make pies often, but there's something so special about taking the time to make beautiful, artfully decorated pies with intricate cut outs and perfectly crimped edges. My two favourites for Thanksgiving are Pumpkin and Chocolate Pecan, though all of my boys love a classic Apple, so I usually end up making one for them. I don't mind because I like the look of a mile high, double crust.

(Photo by @daylesfordfarm)

It's not just the actual cooking and baking that I enjoy when it comes to a holiday like this though. I love the days leading up to it. I love shopping the market for ingredients and picking out flowers and things to dress the table. Having somewhere to shop like Daylesford Farm would be a dream! I mean, how can you not be inspired looking at a display as lovely as this?

Also, on my mind lately, planning a little getaway to enjoy the Fall foliage is a must. I always like touring around local towns this time of year - one of our favourites is Niagara on the Lake. You can see it in the fall here.

(Photo by Erin McGinn via Abby Capalbo)

Abby Capalbo has a couple great posts on touring Nantucket in October, the off season. It was a post that convinced us to stay at The Robert's Collection on our first trip. I've linked that here.

As the seasons change, I find our home naturally changes as well. Not in a trendy, re-do everything, complete makeover kind of way, but more the adding of a layer here and there as the weather cools. A few more throws and pillows to make things cozier, a few more candles as it gets darker earlier, slightly warmer and richer tones...

One thing that helps me in designing is a good inspiration board. This one below is by Tessa of 
Nine + Sixteen. I like to change mine as the seasons change. It's amazing how pulling one together can really hone your eye. You see what you're naturally drawn to and what speaks to you.

(Photo by @nineandsixteen)

(Photo by @artichoke_ltd via @cotswaldinterior)

As the days grow rainy and grey, having a good boot room or mudroom is so desirable, especially when you have four little pairs of muddy boots traipsing in and out. This is a quintessential English mudroom with all the right details - lots of storage, great colour, pretty dental work, great stone floors and no less than four baskets.

(Photo by @jo_rodgers)

And if very there was a time for a jaunt about the countryside, after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner is that time.

(Photo by Camila Roman Demo)

I have such a soft spot for a dreamy store front or cafe and this one, it's just perfect, right down to the name.

(Photo by Thee Dogs Night)

And do I even need to explain why I loved this so much? The only thing better than a golden retriever is two. Okay, maybe two golden retrievers in the back of a muddy old Range Rover, rambling about the English countryside.

(Photo by Urban Electric Co.)
Also, currently in love with this door and it's perfect hardware. And also that chair. And that sconce. And those Hydrangeas... The design was by Basic Projects and you can see the whole mountain cottage here.

(Photo by @susanblakey)

This entrance popped in my feed this week and stopped me mid-scroll. I love an exterior with weathered shakes and white trim, and I love a door with windows and a classic door knocker, but that colour green? I am completely in love with it.

(Photo by Haute Decoration, Design by Charles Spada)

Also loving all the warm pine. And ironstone always, but these are just beyond.

(Photo from Ann Lee Fuller)

This kitchen by Ann Lee Fuller is also full of so many beautiful details: the Waterworks faucet, and the range, but also the crocks and all the copper, even the little soap dish.

(Photo from Frog Goes to Market)

I also love all the wood - the crocks full of well-worn wooden spoons, the stacks of bread boards and those sweet little butter molds - also the most clever little detail for a pretty meal. Ellie Campbell just knows.

(Photo by Martha Stewart Living)

Does anyone else suddenly need to bake constantly in the fall? Because I do. On my list still are these Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and for the first time ever, Cider Donuts. 

(Photo by Sally's Baking Addiction)


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