Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JCS Show Highlights

I thought I would post some photos of my table at the JCS Vendors show a few weeks ago. It was a fun couple of hours and it was great to be a part of raising money for their school.
Here are some highlights from the booth, many of which are new projects that I had been working on.
(By the way, above is my car, it was that full! And that wasn't even it all, my mother- and sister-in-law also drove!)

New chalkboards I had made from vintage frames as well as a vintage-inspired duck cloth pillow that was hand-stenciled.

I was super excited about this glittery garland. It was 40% off and I'm not normally into this kind of garland but it was whimsical and made it a little bit more festive. Plus, I just loved the colour - it suited the vintage pieces perfectly!

Another project, jute market bags that were stenciled.

ItalicMy vintage inspired Christmas tree. It was inspired by something similar from the blog French Larkspur but I just added my Christmas decorations. There were tags with vintage adverts and ephemera-filled glass ornaments as well as old rusted keys. It was a huge hit with everyone except for us since transporting the huge fragile branch was next to impossible!

Another project, stenciled floursack tea towels. These are the best tea towels I've ever used and the pretty vintage inspired stencils make them so fun.

This was one of my Christmassy projects, little glass ornaments filled with bits of vintage ephemera: old music, bits and pieces from novels, old letters and ledger sheets, along with bits of lace and old buttons.

My vintage-inspired stockings.

The rest of my pillows - a collection of burlap ones as well my remaining bank deposit bag pillows.

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