Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spice Jar Project

If there's one place I find myself quite often this season, it's in the kitchen - I just love to cook. I love puttering around, creating something delicious to share. An important part of cooking, is seasoning and when it comes to spices, fresh is best. But fresh isn't always the easiest choice. So having good, fresh, dried spices on hand is key to well-seasoned dishes.
Since I'll be using them so much more than usual in the coming weeks, I wanted to make sure that my spices are all fresh. Since I was going through everything anyway, I figured I would tackle a little spice rack makeover that I've wanted to do for a while now. Previously, my spices were in tiny jars, tucked in alphabetical order in a little drawer by my stove. It was starting to annoy me because nothing ever stayed in alphabetical order and the jars were so small, I was constantly refilling then and always had numerous opened packets of spices in my cupboards. It was inefficient.
So, my solution. A simple little spice rack tucked beside my stove. I picked the 6 spices I use most often (not including the fresh ones I have growing in my kitchen) and filled larger jars that I already had on hand. I had bought this little chipped white carrier at a sale one time and never really had a use for it until now! The jars fit perfectly. I added some labels with twine and voila! - my new spice rack.

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