Saturday, November 20, 2010

Living Room Updates

So, I've realized that I never really took any photos from after I had painted my living room area. I think because it didn't really ever feel complete.
Tonight I'm hosting my sisters engagement party and so, all week, I've been moving things around and adding to the room to make it feel finished off. It just wasn't feeling cozy (or in dutch as we like to say it "gezellig").
After a quick trip to IKEA and a few quick projects, I think it's done. I even started adding a few bits of Christmas here and there!

I'm using an old vintage steam trunk as my coffee table. It's dark and compliments the floors really well. Also, you can see some of the old chippy frames that I have hanging instead of artwork. I think they're beautiful enough on their own.

I added a rug from IKEA which really pulls the whole room together and adds a lot of warmth to it. Also, it ties in the neutrals and brings out the burlap throw pillows and brownish shades in the frames.

Previously, these couches were rusty orange (from before we were married). I hated the colour but love the structure of the couch. They're higher without being too deep and they're firm but comfortable. I wanted more formal cream couches in this living space but didn't want to do and spend a lot of money on upholstery. A $50 slip cover from Target that I fitted as best as I could did the trick! I made and stenciled most of the throw pillows with the exception of the small ones which are made from vintage bank deposit bags.
So, aside from my new little white Christmas cactus plant, I've looped some real cedar garland around my curtain rods and added some swags and boughs here and there of fresh greenery. More of that later though, I've got just a little but more to do before I can sit with a cup of tea and enjoy my new space.

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  1. Love your room! I adore the empty frame with the wire showing...I do this in my home and love the look!


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