Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kitchen Inspirations

In light of the many hours that many of you will soon be spending in kitchen, I thought I'd post some lovely little kitchens that I'm in love with. Each one is gorgeous and has either inspired my kitchen now (or my dream kitchen to be).

This kitchen is perfectly polished and uber gorgeous! I don't even know where to begin...

This one's a little smaller and more rustic but still just as beautiful. I adore the windows by the sink.

This one has a more "cottage chic" feel to it.

I think I adore this one the most. It's beautiful and the closest to my style. It's got the gorgeous wood tops and lots of windowed cabinets showcasing ironstone. There's a fabulous farm sink and a bright window right above it. It's lovely. Also, how gorgeous is that fixture above the sink??


  1. LOVING these kitchens especially the ones with the ironstone and brown transferware. They all take me back in time remembering my great aunts big farmhouse kitchen.

  2. When I get a new home I want to have a kitchen like this.


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