Monday, July 4, 2011

The Bedside Table

[Atlanta Bartlett]

I have been searching, for what seems like forever, for the perfect night stand for our master bedroom, and am still at a loss.

It doesn't have to be a table per say, it could be a few vintage suitcases stacked together, or a charming French bistro chair, or even a simple and elegant metal table like the gorgeous one above. I'm not picky... really, I'm not!

I'm looking for something to compliment our espresso coloured bed set, which is quite simple, but rather large. I think that's my biggest problem. Our bed is high. It's really hard to find a piece with enough presence to stand beside our bed, but small enough to fit in the space that's between our bed and the door.

So ladies, I need some ideas. What are you all creatively using as your bedside tables?


I should probably add that my husband informed me once that I could use the one that came with the set. I just laughed. One day he will learn.

I hope you all had lovely long weekends.
Happy Monday Girls!

PS. Just a reminder that Tracey of French Larkspur, is still hosting her lovely Cabbages and Roses giveaway. You can still enter here before midnight tonight!


  1. I get what you are saying, but maybe I just have too many male hormones ;) I would use the matching until I find the perfect one. But then our night tables match each other, just not the bed. Lovely inspiration photo!

  2. I saw a photo once where a little birdhouse on a stand was fashioned into a bedside table. It was super cute...even though it probably couldn't hold much more than a small book and a glass of water. Other alternatives seen were wooden step ladders, filing cabinets and dressers. Good luck! I'm sure whatever you find will be perfection:)

  3. Husbands are just so funny! I just made homemade strawberry jam and my dear husband tells me it would be easier to just buy it at the store. Thanks hon! :O) Hope you find the perfect table!

  4. For a high bed I think a small dresser, a demilune table, or a simple candlestand would all be pretty options. Antique beds are all generally high, so aim for a 19th century design to compliment what you have.

    Good luck!

  5. What about the trunk from your living room?

  6. A bookcase is great, you can put as much or as little as you want. And it can be any style. Including a vintage metal one, etc.

    Sharon from Empanada on Etsy

  7. I love your blue pillow. I'd love to see a close up shot of it.


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