Friday, July 8, 2011

Flea Market Wish List

One - This stunning farmers market sign. I want this in my kitchen! It's perfect!

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter]

I had previously shown you my two favourite booths at Christie's Antique Show a while back, but I wanted to share a few of my most favourite finds that we're throughout the show.

If I had my way, and an appropriate size truck, I would most definitely have come home with each of these stunning pieces.

Can you believe it's Friday already?

I'm off to pick out a lovely shade of white for my dining room hutch (more on that to come later), and then I think I may spend some time with my sewing machine this afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend!

PS. I have a little announcement this weekend, possibly regarding a one year anniversary, and maybe also including a giveaway of sorts.... Check back later for more on those very vague hints.


Two - This collection of jadeite, or even a just a few pieces of it. This is something I've always been drawn to, but am too afraid to purchase because I know it will become one of the those obsessive collections that grows and grows, and quite frankly, I just don't have the space for another collection!

Three - I really love this cupboard. I also really love those vintage pins. They would suit Willen's room.

Four - The charming bench. It was just in such delicate condition, which is too bad, because it would make the perfect bench for a farm table, or in a gorgeous hallway, or maybe even at the end of a bed.

Five - And finally, this pair of doors. I know! The price tag on them was so high I think I thought for a moment I was cross-eyed and seeing a few extra zeros. I wasn't. So they stayed.

How gorgeous are they?


  1. Love those doors and that sign on them!

  2. Lovely finds! I know what you mean about collections. When we moved into our townhouse, I donated almost all of my large milk glass collection to a Christian thrift store that helps needy pregnant moms primarily. It wasn't too hard to let go of because I am more interested in ironstone now. Would you believe that I was at a garage sale last week and a woman was giving away 6-7 antique doors, including a barn door? I have absolutely no space or need for one or even a place to store them for resale. It was with great regret I had to turn away. I hope that she found a good home for them! The bowling pins are perfect for a boy's room.

  3. Love all that you shared..and goodness those doors are unforgetable..have a lovely weekend XO Col ~ Afrique du Sud

  4. I love all of these delightful treasures, I could sure find the space in my home for them :) Xoxoxo

  5. WOW...I love those doors and that white cupboard!! I can see why they were favorites of yours too.:)

  6. Oh, I ♥ that sign too! It is so pretty! But you are just toying with my emotions showing me all of that jadeite. I collect it so I see green and get happy. :)

    Maria @ Linen & Verbena

  7. What an amazing flea market...I too love everything on your list.

  8. You could easily make one of those signs with chalkboard paint and some trim - go on, have a go!

  9. hi there :)

    i really love the pictures from the fleamarket, and you're right: the doors are awesome! :)

    have a nice day

  10. It's SOOO hard to walk away from something that your heart is saying "YES!" to and your head is saying something quite different. lol! Those doors are amazingly beautiful, and I love your ideas about that sweet bench. I have one sitting outside in my garden that I just may to haul inside and put at the foot of my bed..... :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. What a great fleamarket! So many wonderful treasures!!!!!

  12. WOW! great finds! I think my fav would have been the windows in front of the door. ;o)

  13. Loving your wish list and thank you for sharing with us Maria!

  14. The vintage pins are really nice. They are a true treasure.


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