Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Again

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So, we're back from the cottage and feeling as rested and relaxed as ever. As a family, we look forward to our trips up to the lake for months before leaving. It's a week of nothing. We get to spend each day together without a care in the world.

One of my favourite things to do is to bring up stacks of back issues to browse through, as well as any new decor books I've purchased throughout the year. I always end up saving them for when I have enough time to read them cover to cover. And, of course, I always bring a good book or two!

This year my reading included the following:
Fall and Winter back issues of British Country Living.
(Yes, I'm thinking that far ahead!)

Atlanta Bartlett's books Pale and Interesting and At Home with White.

Christina Strutt's Cabbages and Roses; At Home with Country.

Gail Abbots Living with Light; Decorating the Scandinavian Way.

Last month's issues of British Country Living, Country Living and Life:Beautiful.

And for my book, Jane Austen's Mansfield Park.
(Which I couldn't get enough of!)

Needless to say, I had enough reading to keep me occupied for the week!

Honestly, I find that this week alone is the most inspiring week of the year for me. I come home with a million lists of projects to do, things to try, ideas for rooms to tweak, and complete plans for that year's tag sale in the Fall. It makes leaving easier because I'm coming home ready to tackle projects and start getting to work.

Monday was spend browsing through the fabric store, quilting shop, and the paint chips at our local Benjamin Moore shop in town. I came home with enough supplies to tackle a few of my projects for the fall.

Yesterday, I spent the day painting furniture. I repainted an old hutch, which is almost done and ready to be posted on, and I repainted my dining room table, as well as all of my living room end tables. I found a new shade of cream that I'm in love with; French Canvas by Benjamin Moore. It's a slightly grayish cream that really does look like aged canvas. I love it!

So, I've got lots to keep my occupied.

Here are a few photos of the family cottage. It's my in laws and they graciously let us all use it all summer long. It's up in Northern Quebec, far enough away from all things busy, and tucked away in Pike Bay. It has all the comforts of a home; running water and hydro, however, this past week, a rough storm took out the power and water for the first couple days!

Have a lovely week and don't forget to enter the giveaway before August 1st!

The hall.

The bedroom. It's the only one in the cottage, but all of the couches pull out, making room for additional guests.

The dining area and kitchen. It's half of the great area. The other half is the living area. Each wall has large windows and a main sliding door to the back deck which overlooks the bay. The whole area is open and airy and bright.

The back deck, just out of the great area. The cottage is tucked in a hill and the deck has the most gorgeous view of the entire bay.

The front of the cottage has a pair of Adirondack chairs that are in the perfect spot for watching the sunset with a coffee on the other side of the island. Though it's not technically an island, it's a large bay so it seems like the whole area is surrounded by water.

There are so many beautiful birds to hear and see, especially the loons that come through the bay, sometimes in groups as large as 35!

For more photos of the cottage, you can head to this older post.


  1. What a wonderful place! Glad you had such a relaxing time. xo Debra

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. Both sides of my family have cabins near Algonquin Provincial Park and we just love being able to visit.


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