Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Kitchen Island

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter]

This is my baking table in my kitchen. Because I have so little counter space, I asked my husband to make a top for an old cabinet that was found in a local barn (it was previously a mauve-pink!).

I painted it a creamy white and kept it rough because I love all the character.

Now, I love this piece, and it fit perfectly underneath a pair of shelves with my canisters on it. However, after time, and a few attempts at bread making, I realized that having my canisters on it limited my amount of workspace. As well, where it was situated was on the opposite side of my kitchen so there was a lot of empty space in between.

One day, on a whim, I decided to pull it out into the middle of the kitchen and see how it looked as an island. I must say, I rather like it. It's so much more functional and it really becomes a great focal point, which distracts you from the rest of the not-yet-touched room.

I wanted to post a few photos to get some feedback. Having the cabinet in the middle does make the whole kitchen feel smaller, but the increase in functionality is so much greater. I, personally, would rather have a smaller, more functional kitchen, than a larger kitchen with lots of wasted space. But that's just me.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

This is the me standing at the island. Behind me is my sink, and my window. (As you can see, in the right of the photo, the stairway going to the basement has yet to be painted!)

This is behind the island. Previously, the cabinet sat tucked under the shelves where the stool is. Through the left is the dining room.

This fabulous stool was picked up the other weekend at the Amish Auction! She was a steal and I couldn't have been happier to take her home. I've been looking for the perfect industrial piece to throw in the mix.

This is the  view from dining room as you walk into the kitchen. You can see the sunroom beyond. The stove and sink and fridge are all to the right.

I stored the canisters and found these great jars at Target. I filled them with my sugars and flours instead. I love the look of them and it feels so much more simple.

This is where I moved my collection of ironstone pitcher to, in the dining room. They were previously where the new canisters are.


  1. Gorgeous blog; a little short on pics! More pictures, please :)


  2. Hi Maria,
    I just love it, it is so perfect for your space!
    Hope you have a beautiful day.

  3. You take great photos as always! I like your cabinet away from the wall so you could potentially access all sides. You are so right that moving the canisters (in either location) really gives you more space. It would make a better buffet type/island for serving guests in the center of the room, too. As long as the layout works for you, that is what matters. It also gives a nice view of something from the dining room. Oh, and can I have your brick wall (chimney?) hehe. Hoping you enjoy the long weekend.

  4. Oh,I forgot to say the stool is adorable. Perfectly vintage and industrial.

  5. It looks great, I would have put it in the middle of the kitchen as seems that everything has a place and everything fits perfectly....I ADORE the industrial stool! Xoxoxo

  6. It's perfect and I would keep it just where it is. Small and functional + very pretty!

  7. I think it looks great where it is! ;) cute kitchen.. xo

  8. I wouldn't think more about's perfect as an island.
    I would love to see larger views of the whole space...I love your kitchen and just want to dream a little! :) You are so lucky to have that brick wall - what I wouldn't do for some brick in my kitchen!

  9. I really enjoy having an island. functionality in a kitchen is a must, and your new piece looks perfect, also think that industrial stool is just perfect! xo Debra

  10. I love it, it looks so breatiful. The Amish stool is great, have not seen one like it before.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! The island looks great in the middle of the kitchen. Funny how when we get inspired to make some sort of usually works out wonderfully. ;)

  12. I'm no help because I like it both ways. Love the stool too. Picked one up last yr at Brimfield and wish I could find a matching one.

  13. I think it looks perfect as an island. I am curious as to whether you still use your mixer on it. If so, I wonder how the electricity source was worked out. I have a similar problem with not enough counter space due to a very small kitchen. That's why I love inspiration such as yours for such a unique problem.

  14. Maria, this island is perfect. What a beautiful kitchen you have! Your industrial chair and open shelves are to die for :) Love every little detail. I agree with you, smaller and functional is fabulous!

  15. I love it! Especially if it makes the kitchen more functional for you. I have a tiny kitchen too and know that every inch of counter space is worth its weight in gold. It looks beautiful! And I really loved seeing wider shots of your's gorgeous!

  16. LOVE it! And that stool is just wonderful ~ looks perfect where it nests!

  17. Hi, Im your newest follower, and I know we're going to have lots in common!
    First of all, I adore the Niagara area aand am about hrs away.
    Its one of my very favourite vacarion spots every fact we just got back from there recently from our vacarion!
    Love your blog and am adding you to my sidebar!
    Come and visit!!

    Deborah xo

  18. I love the creaming white color of your baking table.

  19. This is absolutely fabulous!! Love everything about it, 


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