Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christie's Antique Show - September

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter]

This past weekend I made my way back to the Christie Antique Show. I didn't have as much time to browse, so I bee-lined for my favourite booths and ooed and awed over all their pretty things. These are from my two favourites (as featured before) Feathers and Tattered & Torn.

There were so many pieces I wanted to bring home with me.

Here are some highlights of their gorgeous booths.


This piece would have made the most amazing kitchen island.

Joanna had the most beautiful collection of dress forms.

This pew should have come home with me. I was just about to check the price tag as she stuck a sold sign on it saying "This one went for $200." That's it? Why did I hesitate to look? It's aged and greying and just plain perfect.

This lovely pair of portraits from Tattered & Torn came home with me. I have yet to find them a home but they add the perfect contrast to my all-white walls. Also, I loved that mantel.

A pretty little collection of clocks.

My sister picked up a dresser almost identical to this. I was quite jealous!

I thought this was a fun little coffee grinder in a pretty shade of blue.


I'm off to finish my laundry and get my house organized. Tomorrow, Willen and I will be spending the night at my parents house, before my sister and I head out on our road trip down to the Country Living Fair! We'll be meeting my parents in Ohio, and will take our time pulling off to dig through antique barns, browse boutiques and sip our Pumpkin Spice Lattes the whole way down!

I'll be back Saturday night. Have a lovely rest of the week.


  1. Wow, so many beautiful things and so many stories to tell. I hope you have a fabulous road trip. I am so jealous I would love to go to the Country Living Fair! Enjoy and take lots of photos!

  2. Oh what fun! I was in love with both the farmhouse table and the pew before I even read what you wrote! Dont you wanna just hunt down the owner of the "sold" sign?!!

    Thanks for sharing....I cant wait to see what you get to enjoy at the CL Fair! So green with envy :)


  3. What lovely things! Have a great time at the Country Living Fair. I'm in the Twin Cities and will be going to the Junk Bonanza in two days. Can't wait!

  4. Have a great time and enjoy every minute! These are the days our dreams our made of!

  5. Lovely photographs-looks like a wonderful and inspiring way to spend the day. I must say pumpkin spice lattes are a favorite of mine too-so when you described what you will be doing at the Country Living Fair-I must admit to a bit of jealousy ;-) Have a spectacular time!


  6. Wow.....just beautiful! I know Joanne and Kim, Kim is a friend of mine.....and I could instantly tell whose booth was whos! They both have such an eye for detail.....now that I'm in Alberta, sadly I missed Christie this fall :(, but I will be back at Christmas!! YAH!!

  7. I really would of loved to grab that bench and paint it blue. I know that sounds crazy but I think that old bench would look great in blue.


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