Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Morning

[Country Living]

As I sit here this morning, sipping my cafe au lait sprinkled with some pumpkin spice, enjoying a house full of the aromas from the freshly baked banana loaves, one would be inclined to think it a quiet Autumn Saturday morning.

If you were to actually see beyond these few lovely factors, you would see the following:

1 - I ran out of room on my chalk board when I was writing out my list of things to do for today.

2 - I feel like I'm in a foggy fish bowl. It's that humid outside.

3 - The grass must be cut today. Joy.

4 - The entire cast of Thomas the Train is scattered across my living room floor, along with, what seems like, enough track to get me to The Island of Sodor.

5 - There is a trail of oatmeal around my dining room because my son decided it would be fun to play airplane mid-breakfast. I was busy baking and didn't notice.

6 - Not a single step is free of a bag of supplies, still waiting to be put away from Wednesday.

7 - I had to re-spin a load of whites because they wrinkled before I managed to fold them and put them away. I don't know how that happens.

8 - By the time I did actually manage to sit down to my latte, it was cold.


It's a long weekend, and none of that seems to bother me this morning. I have all day to putter around and get things back in perfect order (or as perfect as they will be), before our weekend plans begin.

Any special plans for this last weekend of summer?

Happy Saturday.


  1. When I read your post this morning, my mind filled with the words Home Sweet Home. Happy Saturday back to you!

    Our weekend involves shopping for new flooring, watching some college football and a very fun
    pot luck with family and friends!

    Your blog is lovely!

  2. I had to laugh this morning. Your blog is always such a breath of beautiful, fresh air, but the dose of reality? What to do but laugh? Baby #3 was due to arrive yesterday via C-section, but I was canceled and rescheduled AFTER this long weekend, so I'm DEF feeling that incredible humidity, as well!
    Thanks for the reminder that it's all ok...:)

  3. Yes, this is the way most of us live. Trying to find the moment of tranquility IN SPITE of everything happening around us. We love it all but need to find that little retreat even if only for a moment. It keeps us sane!

  4. I always smile when I come to your blog! Sometimes I wish I could hit the pause button on my kids growing! You will look back and wonder how you did it all.

    Enjoy your latte and a nice long weekend!


  5. Oh thats funny. I am having a day just like that today. We have our little boys home from school on Spring holidays for two weeks and already it is Lego city! Ive stepped on 3 pieces (ouch), sucked up I dont know how many in the vacuum (oops) and even washed dome bricks that were is socks (!!!!).
    I hope your tomorrow is much better!
    Ness xx

  6. Well, When I read your post this morning, my mind filled with the words Home Sweet Home. This are very great tips you shared with us, it will helps lot to my sister and brothers.

  7. Do you have more then one cat. I'd love to see more pictures of your kitty's.


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