Friday, September 9, 2011

From The Market - Peaches and Hydrangeas

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter]

Yesterday was market day in town. The threatening showers and cloudy grey skies didn't do much in the way of keeping people from making their way down to the town square.

I picked out a basket of peaches in hopes of finding a good canning recipe for some sort of peach jam or chutney. I'm not sure which yet, but in the mean time, they will sit and ripen on the window's ledge. This year I have yet to can a single thing and I'm determined to stock my pantry with something before the season is over. If the weather continues as it has for the last few days, I'm afraid I won't have as much time left as I had imagined!

I also found these lovely hydrangeas in a dark shade of green. I believe they are called Antique Dark Green, but I'm not sure. I haven't seen them before.

I'm about to head into town to pick out an engagement gift. I love gift shopping - and also, gift wrapping! After that, I have to finish painting a hutch, sew a slip cover for a chair, pack for the Christie Antique show tomorrow, and then spend a relaxing Saturday night at home with my boys.

I hope you all have lovely weekends.
Happy Friday.


  1. So beautiful...and delicious! Happy weekend!

  2. soooooooooooooo pretty! have a wonderful w-end :)

  3. The color of your hydrangeas and peaches are unbelievable against all the white....

    I've never seen hydrangeas quite this color either, I may have to search some out for myself.


  4. What in the world could be better than peaches and hydrangeas! Pretty pics, and i love that green hydrangea, i'm gonna keep an eye out for it!


  5. Hi good to get to meet you today,Kim told me it was you!!! Tell me did you get the pictures you wanted...what else did you buy? Talk soon,xoxo

  6. I love peaches. They only get them available for me in spring and summer so I buy lots of them in these seasons. Peaches are such a yummy fruit.


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