Friday, November 11, 2011

A Burning Beauty and The Last Rose

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Last night, while Willen was busy being bathed and read to by my mom, Nona, I decided to pop out for a quick trip to Chapters with my sister.

I think I could spend hours there.

A typical visit begins with my picking up a latte from the in-house Starbucks, before heading to the kids section. On my way, I'm able to sneak a glossy new issue of something enticing, like British Country Living, and settle into an arm chair while Willen plays at the wooden train table. It's actually quite a nice little outing that we do fairly often. Mommy gets to enjoy her coffee and a good read, while Willen socializes with the other kids and plays with his favourite little trains.

However, it never seems like we're able to actually make it out of the children's section.

Last night I went beyond the towering gate of classic books, and out of the realm of life size animals.
I made it to the rest of the store.

I browsed the beautiful new cookbooks and the recently released issues of favourite decorating books. I flipped through all of the November issues of favourite publications and browsed the packets of stationary. I tested favourite creams, and smelled each new holiday candle. I ran my hands across smooth cashmere pashminas and lush knitted throws.

I even made it to the clearance rack.
Oh how I love the clearance rack at Chapters!

I found a McBlooms body wash that was 50% off (a favourite scent), a set of 6 Lucia goats milk guest soaps that was 75% off, and the most exciting, a Lollia candle in the most beautiful scent I've smelled.

It's called When the Leaves Turn No. 85, and it smells exactly like a room full of freshly arranged flowers. It's actually quite amazing how similar the two smell. I don't often find scented candles that I love enough to burn through (not to mention pay for), so I tend to stock up on cream pillar candles. But this particular scent is heavenly, and it was also 50% off!

Do you have a favourite smell, a staple candle you stock up on, or a signature scent?

Lollia is by Margot Elena, also the creator of Tokyo Milk.

This size retails for $22.99.

I also snipped the last bloom of my climbing roses this morning. It was actually faintly hailing while I did so.

The roses are called Peace and they're a delicate yellow with hints of fucia. I thought they were suiting as today is Remembrance Day.


  1. I love reading your posts.....I also saw these candles at Chapters.....and I loved them too. I loved this one you mention, plus "Sleeping Under The Stars"...ooh, it's beautiful, too.

    I can so relate to spending so much time at Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like Chapters has great bargains. For me the gardenia scented candles are heaven!
    Your Peace rose is indeed timely for Remembrance or Veterans Day...
    Love to you,


  3. What a lovely post! I've never heard of Chapters, sounds like a nice place. I'm hoping to snip a few late blooms, roses are so beautiful.

  4. This makes me miss Starbucks! There's nothing like letting go of time in Chapters with a latte in hand!


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