Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decor - A White Christmas

Better Homes and Gardens

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an attraction to all things white. It's quite ridiculous actually, and has become a definite joke amongst family and friends.

What can a girl do?

I simply like white.

So of course you can imagine that quite a lot of my seasonal decor is white, making it very easy to pull off a White Christmas. Here are some lovely rooms to inspire just that.


I love simple greenery and white.

Jonathan Klunk

Frosted boughs make for a beautiful mantel, though it's not quite simple enough for my own personal tastes. I do love the boxwood in the urns though!

A large tree, trimmed with a few scattered ornaments is still nice... I don't need a lot of decorations on my tree. I also love the lanterns and candles placed around the room for an ambient glow.


This truly white tree, all frosted and glowing, is beautiful. It's a gorgeous focal point, but it still blends nicely with the all white decor. Being frosted, and full of sparkle also lends nicely to the space and compliments the ruffled chair covers and pretty chandeliers.

Country Living
More on the vintage side, these pretty bottle brush trees, displayed collectively, with only a few decorations, make for a pretty white vignette. They look lovely tucked underneath the stairs.


And a beautiful white tablescape complete with white candelabras, pretty white ribbons and silvery accents would make for a lovely dinner party or Christmas dinner.

Later this week, in hopes of finally coming up with a style for this Christmas season, I will feature some inspirations for a Rustic Christmas. There are some beautiful rooms I can't wait to share.

I'm in the middle of getting my rooms cleaned and ready for decorating and then, early next week we'll be off to hunt down the perfect tree and deck the halls!

Have a lovely week.


  1. Pretty inspiration....definitely my theme for this year =) Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  2. I have always loved white myself though over the years I have had color in my home.

    I have had a white Christmas tree for years and years and I love flocked fresh trees.

    This year I really like the rustic Nordic look and shabby trees.Lots-n-Lots of greenery too~Cheers Kim

  3. So, so pretty!!! It is all great inspiration for me ~ thank you!


    :) T

  4. Those are all so pretty, i love the white flocked tree... and that one room with the round fireplace is wonderful...


  5. So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing...

  6. I didn't know white Christmas trees were so beautiful.

  7. Hi. :) I just wanted to say how great your posts are. They are a true inspiration to me and every time I open this page I enjoy in something new and special I love your white Christmas decorations. I wish only we have a white Christmas here.. :):) Greetings :)


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