Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Decor - A Natural Christmas


I  love this room with it's dark wood, white walls and gold details (Similar shades are found in my living room). The topiaries and pots of moss add the perfect natural touch without feeling too "Christmassy".

In hopes of finding some inspiration for the quickly approaching holiday season, I have begun looking through photos to decide on this year's theme.

I prefer to keep my decorating fairly simple. I don't like have the space for a huge tree, and ornate decorations just don't work well with a two year old. Also, who needs the extra dusting?

On the other side, I do like trimming a tree, decking the halls and adding some festive cheer to our home.

So, what kind of Christmas would I like this year?

A rustic Christmas with woven baskets full of scented pine cones, sap bucks full of fresh cut greenery, and simple seedlings with twinkle lights?

Or maybe, a pretty white Christmas with glittering glass ornaments, frosted mantel boughs and pretty packages with plump white bows?

Or, how about a natural Christmas with ironstone full of blooming paper whites, fresh fruit tucked amongst the greenery and bouquets of fresh flowers?

To start, here are some pretty inspirations for a perfectly Natural Christmas. Next week I will be sharing some inspirations for a Rustic Christmas, and a White Christmas.

How do you plan to decorate for the holiday?


I love gold frames and I think that fresh greenery compliments it so beautifully. I love the assortments of clippings used here - and it looks a little more structured and full than typical white pine or cedar boughs. It's almost more of an arrangement. The pears are a nice addition and add perfect pops of a brighter green.

Simple is always stylish and beautiful. The simple swag on the mantel, and the simple boxwood wreath are just enough to make this space feel festive. The potted white Poinsettia is also a nice touch, as are the fresh tulips which add a bit of freshness to the room.
Country Living

Here is an example of natural Christmas decor with a bit of a primitive touch. Again, the fruit tucked amongst the mantel and simple pine boughs.They work well with the gray walls and make the room even more cozy.
Mid West Living

And finally, more mantels. This time, with a few pine cones and some Granny Smith apples for pops of vibrant green. Sweet and simple.


  1. Those are beautiful examples of using nature to decorate for Christmas. I really like the mantel with the big magnolia leaves, the gold frame and the pears. And i love the boxwood topiaries... so pretty.


  2. Love all the fresh greenery...always my Christmas staple for decorating!

  3. Just lovely inspiration you have here!

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  5. I don't think it's easy to have a Christmas type environment without a fireplace. I mean Santa has to find a place to go to bring the kids presents after all.

  6. Wow, what a great and clever christmas decorating idea. this year, Id probably use those dried pinecones and some fresh pine leaves in decorating out front door and even dinner table. Thanks for sharing ideas! I'd surely feature this in my Pinterest board of Christmas decorations.



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