Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Day In The Country - Antique and Vintage Show

All Photos - The Grower's Daughter

I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

This morning, my parents and I drove out to Caledonia for what was to be an amazing antique and vintage sale: A Day in the Country. It was a collaboration of some of my favourite vendors and I was pretty sure it wasn't going to disappoint.

And it most certainly did not.

I did take my camera along to snap some photos, but being a rather dark (though surprisingly cozy) Quanza hut, they aren't the prettiest. However, they will at least give you an idea of what I got to browse all morning!


PS. The show is on again tomorrow. See this previous post for details:

Only Kim and her husband could make a Quanza hut this inviting. Recognize those gorgeous urns?

The booths were full of a variety of things: Chippy rustic pieces, 19th century antiques, painted furniture and architectural details.

Beautiful things filled vignettes everywhere you looked.

This was one of my favourites. I just loved this little blue cupboard (though there were a dozen beautiful cupboards, any of which I would have taken home!), and the medicine cabinet, but especially that garden rabbit. Oh, and I did come home with a pretty little white cupboard, but I will post photos of that next week.

She always has the most curious collections of things and as a result, it usually takes me a long time to browse through everything. Of course, she pulls it all together beautifully as well, coming up with perfect displays.

I believe this was another vendors cabinet, and it was also quite nice - it was a faint green.

Until I looked at this photo, I didn't realize I had missed that lamp! I've been looking for one similar to it and now I wish I would have seen it.

And another beautiful piece - this one was very old, and very gorgeous. I was particularly amazed at her collection of ironstone. She has some extremely unique pieces, and some very old pieces. It's always so tempting!

Isn't the wear just perfect on this piece?


  1. I have never been to this show, I will definately have to, is there one every year? I have admired Kim's taste from her spreads in the magazines.

  2. HI Maria,

    Nice impressions!

    Greetings from Claudia

  3. Everything looks great!I wish I had more time to go visit places like these.

  4. Oh my gosh Maria...I am leaving in an hour to go..I am even more excited now after seeing your pics. I hope I can find a treasure or 10..opps I mean 2 !!!! I will stop by later and let you know what i got! x0

  5. Morning!! all I can say...what a sale it was...I wish I had taken my camera but I really just wanted to SHOP and oh I did just that!! Got an old suitcase,a soap dish,an ironstone bowl and wire |"thingy" and an old white box..and I only spent $60..cant wait till the next one in MAY!!! Talk soon,x0

  6. All I can say is wow.....I missed this show (being in Alberta), but I knew it would be just beautiful. Kim does such a great job of making up such gorgeous vignettes, doesn't she?

    Glad you enjoyed it Maria.

  7. Oh goodness me what lovely stuff. I love that blue cupboard, what a gorgeous colour. I love that little house on top of the cream cupboard. Wonderful! Love Linda x

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  9. Saw your livingroom on pinterest-so I thought I'd dig deeper into your blog and now realize you musn't be too far from me-I am not far from Simcoe, Ontario. I was just there at Kim's sale this past May & plan to go to the November show too! Love her style! She will be coming to style my home hopefully very soon with photographer Robin Stubbert for preliminary pics for Fifi O'neill to see if it's approved for Romantic Prairie Style! can't wait! ~Melanie (Rustic Farmhouse on fb)

  10. Great review! Thanks for taking pictures too. Kim Davies is one of the sellers on our website Collectivator ( and a family friend. I love her style! I've never been able to attend her show but I would love to soon. I used a link to your review to help Kim promote the show on our FB and Twitter feeds (hope you don't mind). Her next Day in the Country show is next month - November 17th & 18th, 2012. I hope you can check it out :)

  11. The garden rabbit is beautiful. Too bad you didn't pick it up. You could of painted it beautiful colors.

  12. All of you who love this show will also love visiting the 3rd annual Carlisle Country Craft and Old-fashioned Market Mercantile. Primitives, Handmade, Rustic Collectibles and Vintage pieces... all vendors dress up as pioneers or hill-billies and we also have some steampunkers, farm animals, home-baking and folk music. See the Events page:


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