Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Garland and Greenery

My mom graciously dropped me off a box full of greenery, and over the past two weeks I've slowly been making garland and small wreaths for around the house. Adding bits of greenery is a simple and natural way of making a room ready for Christmas. 

I think a room feels so much more festive with small garlands draped over picture frames, and bits of pine and cedar tucked into vases. And the natural greenery is so fragrant and fresh.

The small garlands are made from Pine, Cedar and Spruce cuttings. I have them on my flourished mirror at our front door, and on my frame above our couch.

I also made small Cedar wreathes for on my brass candlesticks.

The largest garland is on our banister. I actually use fake garland as a base and then I wire my greenery to that. It's a cheaper way of adding fullness and structure. It also helps the garland keep it's shape when I've bent it around the railing. 

This is another little bit of Christmas that I've had for a while. It's an old postcard I bought at an antique store years ago. I think that the picture is so quaint. I tuck it into my flower frog, which I usually use to hold my recipe cards.

I also tucked some cuttings into a vase with some faux Magnolia flowers. Obviously I would prefer fresh flowers, but these are pretty, and they last forever.

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