Friday, December 6, 2013

Tea for Four

Every November, Jess and I would go for afternoon tea at The Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara on the Lake. We have for years now.

Instead of simply not going this year, I decided to take her mom (my Aunt Jeanette) instead. Without much thought, I realized it might be fun to go with my mother and sister-in law as well. After all, she was just as much a part of their lives as well.

So we all went to tea, and it was lovely. 

Though it was hard at times, we reminisced, told funny stories about her and giggled all afternoon. Then we walked through town and even stopped at a small antique market on the way home.

I'm so happy I didn't skip it this year.

And who knows, maybe this will become a new tradition for us girls. One scarcely needs an excuse to go for tea.

Our selection of delicious little pastries and tea sandwiches.

And their most amazing scones. I have never had a scone that rivals these. They are scones with jasmine-infused raisins, served warm with clotted cream and local preserves.

The tea room was decorated for Christmas, as well as everywhere else around town.

Aunt Jeanette (Jess' Mom), my sister-in-law Rachelle and my mother-in-law Jackie.


  1. I had fun babysitting Willen and Hudson while you had tea.....That is always a treat for me.
    Love Nona


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