Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Living Room and Vintage Wool Shawls

The rest of the living room is finished and ready for Christmas.
I didn't do too much in the rest of this room. This area of our living room is opposite to our tree. Actually, we have a very poorly designed living room. It's very long and narrow, with our front entrance and staircase right between. Originally, this part of the living room was actually a small bedroom. The house was quite tiny at that point because right now we really have no proper dining room (we use the sunroom off the kitchen which is an addition), the kitchen isn't nearly big enough for an eat in kitchen, and at that time, the upstairs was still attic and not yet converted into two bedrooms and a bath. So the living room would have been more of a small sitting room.
Luckily for us, that's not the case anymore. And though it took me a very long time to find the most efficient use of space for maximum seating, I've found it. We also have a family room in our basement, so this really is more of our formal living space.

I moved one of my alabaster lamps from our bedroom in here for now. We do a lot more entertaining at night this time of year, and the extra light helps. I also think the aged marble is complimented by the couches and throw pillows. 

A simple white Poinsettia and some pine cones are just festive enough. After all, from here you can see the Christmas tree so I didn't feel the need to go crazy. I would still like to find a large white Poinsettia for in a large basket beside my arm chair, but white ones are very scarce this time of year.
Back in the summer, while browsing an antique mall a little ways away, I came across these two vintage wool shawls. They're a beautiful oatmeal colour and 100% wool. They're gorgeous, and very soft. They're also in nearly perfect condition. I set them out on my arm chairs as light throws.

They were a steal at only $15 each!


  1. The living room looks so good and the white color is perfect for the sofa. Thanks for your new ideas. Interior design ideas

  2. your decorating is just your tree and
    your greens!!!!...just gorgeous!


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