Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Un-Trimming the Tree

It's always bittersweet when I have to un-trim the Christmas tree.
I always enjoy the coziness that Christmas brings to our home. The soft glow of the lights, the smell of a fresh tree, the wreaths and garlands and bits of greenery tucked here and there. It's so warm and inviting.
But then, once Christmas has ended, there's always the desire to welcome the New Year in a fresh, clean way.
And so yesterday, Willen and I spent the afternoon packing away our Christmas decorations.
I had seen somewhere on Pinterest a clever way of storing decorations. Simply place each decoration in a disposable cup and store away. It's much easier than individually wrapping each one.
Ps. Willen and I discovered this lovely little side table in the attic of a local antique market this past weekend. It's a beautiful piece that I will share more about later.

All of our less delicate ones are stored in an old crate.

I placed all of my cups in a shallow bin on wheels. It's designed to go under a bed, but they fit perfectly in the storage space in our knee walls upstairs.
The whole process was quite easy. I was also pleasantly surprised with the lack of needles that dropped! We had our tree up for nearly a month and I had one small dustpan full.
I'm now off to finish cleaning our house before getting ready for our New Year's Eve celebrations. We're having a relatively quiet evening in with just a few friends, some games, delicious snacks and the little ones.


  1. What a great storage idea! You Christmas looked lovely. We also like to have that clean slate before the year ticks over...like a new start.
    Happy new year to you and your gorgeous family.
    Ness xx

  2. I adore your blog, I am a first time visitor and I am so thrilled that I found your part of the world, I will be back checking in for sure to see what 2014 brings, love your storage idea for Christmas decorations...I too de trimmed today, now I need to clean the rest of the house, but heat temperatures that make me melt here in Australia it is not a job I look forward to :) hugs


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