Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Happy New Year, and A New Chalkboard

Happy New Year!
Ours ended up being even more quiet than expected. We sat around chatting and watching the kiddies play... And then we went to bed. Before midnight.
- Actually, Ryan and I stayed up until 12:02 to be exact and still shared a midnight kiss. We then laughed at all those who weren't cozy in bed and fell asleep. -

My kitchen wall has been blank for a couple months.
My chalkboard was sold in my sale back in October, but it's taken me a while to find a replacement I love. I happened to stumble across this one at an antique shop in Niagara on the Lake. However, I had to wait until Christmas to hang it because it was a gift from my mother in law.  

I'm so happy with it. It's just the right size and I love that it's a beautiful old frame that's been left unpainted. The dark frame really anchors the wall again.
Thanks, Mom.
We woke up to such a beautiful, bright morning this morning. It was the perfect morning to start the New Year. It was crisp and covered in a fresh snow. We had a leisurely breakfast and then headed to Ryan's grandma's for our tradition New Year's Day gathering with family.
There we enjoy one of our favourite treats. Oliebollen. It's a raisin filled, doughnut type pastry that's fried. We prefer ours dusted with powdered sugar.

So, now that the New Year is upon us, what are some of your resolutions?
I limited myself to one. A planner. I'll show you the one I chose soon. My resolution for 2014 was to spend time planning out my day in a planner.
Organize a meal plan for the week, track our weekly budget, set monthly goals, compile to-do lists and plan my week.
How about you?


  1. Sounds so blissful, bringing in the new year peacefully and the gorgeous new addition to your wall is perfect, love the detail on the frame, I can only dream of waking to a new dusting of snow, sounds lovely..hugs

  2. I hope that you have a very happy New year! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and photos. Each time I visit I am inspired!


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