Monday, January 6, 2014

A Birthday Dinner

This weekend was my mother-in-law's birthday.
Each year, as a gift, I make us all a dinner - a four course dinner.
I love to cook. I love reading cookbooks and planning menus and the shopping and prepping and the setting the table. I love making the meal and enjoying it with them.
And so, it's become a tradition.
This is what was served this year:
Seared Diver Scallops with Parsnip Apple Puree and Crispy Bacon 
Beef Tenderloin with King Crab Claws, Mash, Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Toasted Walnuts and Corn Pudding
Trio of Cheeses:
3 Year Cheddar with Apple, Gorgonzola with Pear and Pecans, and a Honey Pistachio Goat's Cheese Truffle
Molten Chocolate Cake with Macerated Blackberries and Vanilla Whipped Cream
French Macarons:
Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla and Raspberry
Each course was paired with a wine.
It was a lovely evening. When dinner is served in courses, it just makes for a long, relaxing night. It gives lots of time to savour each course, and enjoy the company.
Of course it's a little harder to do all that while cooking... But it's still lots of fun.

I had spent the morning helping my parents move in to their new place (lots more of that to come!), and was busy painting. So, by the time I got home, I needed to get started cooking and didn't have much time to take many photos of our table. But, I did manage to get a few.
I didn't do anything too crazy, but I did make her an arrangement. Yellows, greens and whites are her favourite so I used some beautiful yellow Roses, with green Hydrangeas, white Tulips and even some young white Hyacinth's.

We all had a wonderful night.
Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. I'm sure your MIL feels like she won the daughter in law lottery! Looks beautiful.

  2. What a super dinner you prepared! The table setting was lovely and before all that you painted and helped them move in? Wow, I want your vitamins!
    Tremendous gift!

    1. Nancy,

      The painting wasn't hard, but by the time dinner was over my legs were sore.

  3. WOW! what a beautiful gift to your Mother in Law I am sure she looks forward to this every year, you are such a wonderful daughter in law, Oh did I mention that I am coming for dinner one day :) the flowers are a perfect addition to a well dressed table and can I take half of your energy levels :) hugs


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