Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Planner and Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

As promised, I wanted to share with you the beautiful planner that a friend recommended. Previously I had mentioned that my New Year's resolution was going to be to use a planner. A proper place to sit and think through my day.
To organize what I want to accomplish.
To keep track of the endless projects I want to work on.
To begin a budget.
To see all of the events and important dates in one place.
Something to bring order in the midst of what is often pretty chaotic.
I recently read, and sadly I can't remember where, that "a cluttered environment is the product of a cluttered mind. And a cluttered mind is the product of a cluttered heart". And that can be so true in my life. I am so often fluttering around from task to task, keeping myself so busy, but at the end of the day, when I finally stop and look back on the hours that have passed, I can't really say that I've accomplished much.
And so, not with the intent of being perfect, or getting it right immediately, because we all know how resolutions go... I just want to start making an conscious effort to find some order. And a rhythm.
But first, I wanted to share a recipe I tried yesterday with great success.
Now, in a moment of honesty, I could tell you that the muffins in these photos were actually Vegan and you would never notice the difference, however they were not. I didn't have any almond milk on hand so I had to substitute milk. I also used vegetable oil instead of the recommended coconut oil for the same reason. But, I am planning on trying them again soon with both coconut oil and almond milk. As they were made though, they were delicious and definitely worth sharing.
I'm predicting they won't last through the weekend.
Also, the little wicker tray was also a recent find. It was $4 at our antique market! It was another find with Willen last weekend.

Sometimes, when it comes to something with Pumpkin, I find that recipes tend to use a little less spice than I would prefer. This one however delivers a beautiful spiced pumpkin flavor that pairs well with the dark chocolate.

It was perfect with my cup of coffee this morning.
It hasn't stopped snowing for the past couple days. This morning it was - 19 degrees Celsius (but - 28 with the wind chill!). It's freezing. But we don't mind. After all, it is January.
And so, onto my planner.
This planner from Simply Plan was recommended to me by a friend who had noticed that I was looking to purchase a planner online. You can read more about the two women behind the planner on their website (linked above).
It was exactly what I was looking for: Clean, simple, easy to use, and consisting of all the parts I thought made up a good planner.
I love the simple design with lots of space to make notes. I also love how I can fold it over when writing on the reverse sides of pages.
But most importantly for me, it was supporting a local business.

It's only been a few days, but there is something wonderful about taking time to write out a plan. To see it on paper and not just as thoughts floating around my mind. I've been making a coffee, sitting in a sunny spot, and taking some time each morning to work on it.

I've also enjoyed some company in my sunny little spot.
This is Ellie. We are kitten sitting for my sister while her and her husband are away in New York. The boys are ecstatic as a few months ago we came home to find our beloved Hermione had been hit by a car. After that, we said no more kittens for us.
So a few days with an adorable (and very well behaved) little kitten has been lots of fun. We'll be sad to see her go. Everyone but Ollie that is... He's been a bit jealous.

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  1. Well I don't like pumpkin, but your muffin does look delish as does that cuppa and the window where you sit, perfection...I was just looking for a new planner and like you love the spiral one I picked out, cannot wait for it to arrive, however seeing yours I think I will love yours more :) your sister's kitty makes me want another kitten again, I miss my Casper..hugs


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