Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Painting and A Rose Bush

There's something so exciting about receiving mail... Especially parcels.

Yesterday one of my Christmas presents arrived.

A while ago I had found artist Shannon Bauer on Etsy. While all of her work is lovely, there were a few that I liked in particular.

This one, Dusty Country, was one of my favourite pieces. I love the colours and the movement and the beautiful scene she's depicted.

I'm still looking to find an antique frame that suits it.

I already have my eye on another piece I'd love to purchase. Maybe for Mother's Day?

I also found this little cream rose bush at the grocery store the other week. I was only planning on picking up a small bouquet, but for the same price, it's lasted me much longer. I don't know the specific variety as there wasn't a tag of any kind.

It's done well in this spot and has lots of new buds coming.

It reminds me of my Winchester Cathedral roses in the garden, though these unfortunately don't have the same beautiful scent.

I took this photo this afternoon while Hudson and Ryan were reading. Willen had gone to school and they were enjoying some quiet time together. He's become quite a daddy's boy.


  1. I love your new painting. Cant wait to see how you have it framed. Your blog is so wonderful to come and visit.
    Best, Cali

  2. Hi, I love your blog! You have such a beautiful family and home.
    Have a wonderful evening!


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