Friday, January 3, 2014

An Anniversary Bouquet

We have the loveliest older, English couple who live next door to us.
They have been living here for nearly 50 years and yesterday they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
They are always out in their gardens, making their yard beautiful. Even in his eighties, he rarely is kept indoors. He has quite a large kitchen garden, many different coloured rose bushes, and a beautifully maintained back "dell". It's something we always appreciate very much as it enhances the beauty of one's own yard, when the yards around are beautiful.
Ryan and I wanted to do something special to let them know how much we appreciate them as neighbors... even if we couldn't quite afford the traditional 60th wedding anniversary gift - diamonds.

I picked up some cream Roses, one green Hydrangea and some white Wax Flower, as well as some greenery. I then made a simple, hand-tied bouquet, wrapped it in brown paper, and tied it with pretty ribbon.

I think a bouquet of flowers are always a wonderful gift.


  1. It's beautiful. A gardener always appreciates flowers ... especially when it is freezing!! A very thoughtful gesture.
    Happy New Year.

  2. What a true feat making it to 60 years of marriage, so wonderful, I am sure your gorgeous flowers made their day, you are a great neighbour :) hugs

  3. This was such a thoughtful gift...I am sure that your neighbor's were touched by your kindness! hugs, cathy


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