Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hyacinths and Crocuses

A scent that always reminds me of the freshness of Spring is the fragrant Hyacinth. 

The other week, friends of ours came for dinner, and along with them came a little bundle of Spring.

White Hyacinths and White Crocuses. 

She had planted them in little silver pots, tucked bits of moss around them and then finished them with a raffia bow. Don't the make a lovely hostess gift? 

It was a completely unnecessary gesture as they are best friends of ours, but I loved them. They make the cold winter days much more bearable, and remind me of the Spring soon to come.

Sitting in the window, soaking up all the warm sunlight.

The Hyacinth is now just opening, and it's beautiful scent fills the room.

Thanks Steph!


  1. What a wonderful gift. I love this idea and may have to get myself a few bulbs to try!

    I hope that your parents store is coming along, I only wish that I loved closer so that I could visit it!


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