Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Weekend of Celebrations

This past weekend was spent celebrating one wonderful person after the other.

First, it was Willen's 5th birthday. I don't even know where that past give years have gone.

Then came Grandma's 85th birthday, and with it, dinner out with the entire family.

And then, of course, Father's Day. A day of celebrating the godly men who lead our families and how blessed we are to have them in our lives.

This feels like yesterday.

He is growing into the most wonderful, loving, smart little man, who brings me so much joy.

We celebrated with some boys from school. Given the amount of chaos caused by a dozen boys, and the size of my house, the party took place in the back yard, despite the rain. They had a blast running through the rain, having a water gun fight, and then exploring the ravine out back.

In keeping with the simplicity of the party, I made giant homemade Oreo's for in their treat bags.

After feeling overwhelmed with the amount of toys he has, and having no idea what to get him, I decided a baseball bat and glove were the perfect gifts for a young boy. He loved them. And it instantly became something for him and Ryan to bond over. The fishing rod and tackle box, camping chair, bow and arrow and scooter were also great gifts from family. Lots of outdoor fun, perfect for a boy.

Of course Hudson is equally excited about the baseballs.

And my husband, the father of my beautiful boys. I can't even put into words the love I have for this man. I've seen God do amazing things in him and I am beyond blessed to be his wife.

The weekend ended with one last party for Willen at Beam's and Papa's (Ryan's parents). They decorated the whole house with balloons and streamers and had party hats and had games and a worm cake. Willen was spoiled, and Hudson happily followed along, thinking everything was just as much for him as it was for the birthday boy.

I love this photo! He wouldn't take his party hat off.

And to my wonderful dads, who lead us in love and fill our families with laughter. You are amazing fathers, and extra special grandfathers.

We love you.

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