Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Dining Room and A New Table

I'm always amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint makes in a room.

This is our dining room. It was an addition to the house. It took us a very long time to settle on the room. Originally, the dining room was a part of the living room, but it was quite a small space. This room has been everything; a sitting room, a mud room, a play room, an office, and now a dining room.

About a year ago, we finally decided that it works best as dining room. It's bright and has the most beautiful view of the back yard. It has french doors to the back deck and it's just off the kitchen, however, the size of the room is slightly small. It's been hard to find a table that fits comfortably in the space. A round table worked well for every day use, but when company came over, four chairs simply wasn't enough room. We then tried a long, narrow table that was actually our desk. It fit the space width wise, but the length wasn't ideal and it made the path to the door outside a little cramped.

This is a beautiful old farm table that my parents brought back a few years ago from a barn in Ohio. It's just the right size for four people to sit at comfortably, and comes with a leaf to give us more room when company comes for dinner.

It's a beautiful warm wood colour, with just the right amount of character. It's simple and works wonderfully in this space. I'm happy to be able to borrow it for a while.

This is the room with everything removed, and a fresh coat of paint on the walls. It was originally terra cotta colour and honestly, I hated it. I also couldn't stand the tile colour. However, after painting the walls white, and keeping the decor neautral, I didn't mind the tiles anymore. When the kitchen is redone, everything will be tiled the same. But for now, I'm content with it.

Walls - Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Trim - Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore

Two simple shelves flank the narrow window on the East side of the house.

Simple peg hooks are also beside the dining room, on the way down the stairs to the basement. It's where I hang my shopping bags and my bucket of clothes pegs.


  1. Simply Suzannes at Home

    Classic, clean, and beautiful.
    I love the white walls and warm brown hues of your table and chairs!

  2. Simply beautiful as always!

  3. What a beautiful room, so simple and fresh, and the views are gorgeous. I love the table and chairs too, and the simple white china. Well done, it is perfect! Love Linda x

  4. Simple yet elegant,very creative design. .i like it much


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