Friday, June 13, 2014

Country Living Fair - Part II: Red Chair Antiques

I've been looking forward to showing you through one of the highlights of my weekend away. It was so wonderful, it deserved a post of it's own.

Welcome to Red Chair Antiques on the famous Warren Street in Hudson, New York.

I think many of you, after browsing these photos, will understand the feeling I had when I walked through the door of this shop. I didn't know where to look first. I have yet to be in a store with such an exquisite collection of beautiful European antiques.

This is such a small section of what is there to see. The lighting was cozy and romantic and therefore hard to capture the beauty of each created space, but trust me, it just seemed to go on and on. Shelves of ironstone, pots of cutlery, stacks of old books, a bed piled with antique linens... It even overflowed into the back courtyard. It was almost too much to take in at once. Owner and curator, Jocie Sinauer, has done a brilliant job seeking out the beauty of old Euprope, bringing it home, and breathing new life into it. I felt as though I could have spent hours in each vignette, admiring the beauty of each collected piece, wondering what it's story was. It was everything I had hoped it would be, and so much more.

For even more of this lovely shop, visit her online at Red Chair Antiques.

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  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    I've been anxiously waiting for this post. Oh. my. heavens. I think I looked at each photo about 3 times. I LOVE the long tables!
    And the white stoneware . . . I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw the photo of the hutch filled to the brim with them. Beautiful!
    I hope I can find a treasure of a shoppe like this one day.
    Thanks so much for taking us along!
    Have a great weekend,


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