Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Display Cabinet

A couple of years ago I came across a posting for two display cabinets on Kijiji. A store in town was going out of business and the owner was selling off a few display pieces that her husband had built. While the cabinets were both similar, the one I ended up taking was in much better shape than the other.

My intention was to put it away for when my parents opened their store. I figured they would need something like this to display merchandise on. That summer, I didn't do much with it other than give it a good cleaning and paint it in Antique White. I used it for display at my tag sale, and then back it went into my sister's barn to be stored.

Later, the store was opened but the piece was never needed, so it remained in the barn. When we finished our family room in the basement, we dragged it home to use for storage, but it was literally half an inch too tall! (We had measured, but didn't take into account that the floor slanted slightly and wasn't perfectly even) So back in our garage it went, where it sat for another year.

This summer I dragged in into the house after scrubbing it down. I felt like I wanted a piece in the living room, but needed something narrow as there isn't much space. To my surprise, it worked perfectly! It added some much needed height to the room and helped anchor a wall.

I was surprised at how much I ended up loving it. It's not an antique, but it still has some simple character to it. The coat of paint really did wonders for it. Previously it was white and was quite worn.

It was $40.

I had intended to use it as a bookshelf, but because of it's narrow depth, it didn't fit my books properly. Now it houses some of my nests and displays some of my ironstone collection.

The bottom is a smaller cabinet with two doors. It's where I keep some books and a basket full of puzzles for Hudson - the little things that he plays with in the living room. It's the perfect height for him.

I'm glad my mom and I hauled her home.


  1. Very nice! I really love the bead board detail; it adds such character (we just installed a bead board ceiling in our mudroom). I like how your ironstone pieces stand out so nicely in this cabinet. The little birds' nest are a charming detail, too.

  2. Its really beautiful but I think you just know how to make everything beautiful. I love your home and style.

  3. Do you have four of the white slipcovered Ektorp chairs now? We have four in our sitting room(two facing two) with a white coffee table in the middle. We really love them.

    1. We have three. I would love to be able to do two facing two, but I don't have enough room. Even the third is just temporary until I find a smaller chair I can refinish. But for now it works.

  4. Beautiful! And although not antique, interesting and special in a different way considering it was handmade by someone in your community. I'm sure he would be happy to know it's living like this now!

  5. That is a fine-looking display cabinet. Anyway, I'm glad that your store has gone on with or without that piece of detail. You just showed how rigorous your management skills are, and that you are really giving that store keeping business much thought. Stores don't enrich themselves, they have to be handled right, which is what you are doing. All the best!

    Sheldon Ward @ Brett Halvorson & Associates

  6. Your cabinet is lovely, someone made that, and did a beautiful job, it is definitely worthy of space in anyone's home. It takes someone with a good eye to appreciate things sometimes. Your display of ironstone looks perfect there. Would you mind if I posted one of the photos on my pinterest board?
    I really enjoy visiting your blog, it's a peaceful, calm place to be.
    Judith Peaccok

    1. Judith,

      I don't mind at all. If you hover over the photos, there is an option to pin them. That way it links the photos back to The Grower's Daughter, the original source.

      Thank you,

    2. Thanks so much Maria, I didn't see the red Pinterest pin, but will use it now.

  7. Great blog!Your display cabinet looks great. It has a nice country, rustic feel about it which I like. I also like the display that you have made inside as it's very clean and modern. The birds nests look lovely. I would like to make my own similar display. well done!

    Jeanmarie @ RVM


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