Thursday, February 19, 2015

Recent Finds - A Salvaged Ceiling Tile

My parent's recently picked up this old ceiling tile from a salvage shop across the river. They actually have been quite lucky lately in finding old ceiling tiles.

I took two home before they could put them in the shop. They would have made one large tile, but were cut into two pieces. My original plan was to display both, side by side, above my couch in the living room. However, they would be within reach of little fingers and even if I sealed them, I still didn't want them that low. So I decided to put one on it's side, up on top of my dining room cabinet.

It makes the ironstone pitchers stand out more obviously.

I loved the colours and the patina, and even the Fleur de Lis pattern of the tile itself. 


  1. I love old ceiling tins with their great texture and character. Everything is just beautiful!!!

    So nice visiting with you this morning. Blessings from Tennessee.

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