Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Common Cardinal

You'll never guess what I witnessed in the hedgerow this afternoon?

I was reading by the window in the living room, when the brilliant red feathers of a male Cardinal caught my attention. Of course he was quite obvious against a white backdrop of snow.

But it wasn't until closer inspection that I noticed why he was perched in the hedges.

Do you see her there to the left, near the bottom of the Forsythia bushes?

I'm fairly certain it's the same female Cardinal who was happily singing in the same part of the yard just yesterday. Did you know that the more vibrant the plumage on the male, the more attractive he is to the female? And that once they've selected a mate, the male stays with the female and feeds her and protects her while she sits on their eggs?

It's a beautiful sign that nature knows Spring is on it's way, nevermind that it's still snowing and the temperature is much too far below zero.


  1. Alas he may be common but look how radiant and brilliant he is amongst the vines...
    Did you know they mate for life and there are pairs they have studied that have been together for more than a dozen years.
    Enjoy the weekend... I do hope Spring comes soon.
    Susan x

    1. Susan,

      I wondered about that, but it didn't mention one way or another. It makes them even more beautiful in my opinion.

    2. Beautiful, adorable and hopeful! Thank you! I love looking at Cardinals in the winter, but this is something special. I'm trying to think if I've ever seen baby cardinals...I live in North Carolina where they are the state bird and we see the adults quite often, but I would love to see the hatchlings!

    3. Let us know if you catch any glimpses when they hatch!

    4. I will. So far, we've only ever spotted Robin's eggs in the yard.

  2. Hi Maria, I just discovered your beautiful blog and I am in heaven! How beautiful your home is and your pictures are breath taking. I am home today with a nasty cold and have spent the last couple hours looking at your blog. Question-are your white chairs in your living room from IKEA-the Jenny Lund chair. I am considering buying a couple and just didn't know how they will hold up. If your chairs are them, they look great. Thoughts?

    Pat in Chicago

    1. Hello Pat,

      Yes, the chairs are the Jenny Lund chairs, and they are comfortable. For their price point, I would recommend them, but I find I'm a bit disappointed with the covers. I've had them for a few years and we have two little boys and a dog. Now, I don't dry them in the drier, even on the lowest setting, as they shrink, and then are a little too tight for the chairs. But I find I need to wash them in hit water with bleach and Oxi-clean to keep them bright white. I think the hot water shrinks them slightly too. It's not bad, but they're noticeably tighter. Anyway, a few years into them and I'm still happy with them for how much I invested in them.

      Hope that helps!

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