Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Surprise Package

I came across this sweet bakery, Butter, in the pages of an old issue of Canadian Home and Country. (I wish they still published that magazine...)

It was the most charming looking store, with it's vintage-feeling rose wallpaper, pastel colours and stacks of delicious treats piled high on antique cake stands.

I just loved her attention to detail so much. Of course, owner Rosie Daykin is an interior designer turned baker, so it all makes perfect sense really.

Then, a year ago, I came across the most charming cookbook in Home Sense, and wouldn't you know, it was her very own cookbook - Butter Baked Goods. As soon as I started flipping through the pages I was reminded of that article, and realized that it was the same shop.

The only unfortunate part was that her lovely bakery was in Vancouver, and I'm not.


Extraordinary Tales

Vancouver Sun

The Cake Blog

Did I mention that one of her signature items are her homemade marshmallows? These giant pillowy delights come in different flavours like mint, chocolate, raspberry, coconut and coffee.

Another is this gigantic sandwich cookie called a "You-Know-What". It's the homemade version of an orea. According to her, they nearly made Oprah's list of good things! They're called You-Know-What's now, instead of Oreos, after a certain letter from a certain Mr. Christie.

Fast forward to today.

My youngest sister, Erica, is currently on the West Coast, studying cake and pastry in Vancouver. To my surprise, (well, almost my surprise... she was too excited to keep to herself that "something" was coming) a lovely little package arrived for me in the mail yesterday.

She sent each of us girls a mug from the store, which she visited the other Saturday for lunch. She also sent us each one french macaron. You're probably thinking that the idea of sending a couple cookies by mail is quite ridiculous... They're French Macarons. Anyone who gets that, gets it. When she learned to make them in school, I received an entire batch of trial macarons in a few different flavours. It only takes a few days to ship them, and because they're macarons, they ship fairly easily, She just has to wrap them well.

Of course, the idea of taking a photo of the macaron came into my head after I had already indulged in it. It was yummy - Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin. To be honest though, I thought hers were just as delicious.

We're four girls, and we're quite close, and having her across the country has been quite hard. We skype often. but it's not the same. Fortunately, she's nearing the end of her program - she comes home in March! And with her, she brings her fancy white hat and will be a proper cake and pastry chef. I'm quite excited about this, though for reasons purely selfish. I just can't wait to get into the kitchen with her and learn to make a few things I've been wanting to know how to make.

French macarons, chocolate croissants, crusty baguettes...

Thank you, Erica!


  1. Yum! She looks like a fun aunt too. My youngest sister and I always laugh about how our huge family (I'm one of eight) doesn't have a hair stylist or pastry chef, who we would totally take advantage of lol.

  2. Love this...what a delightful story...

  3. i remember that article as well; the pictures jogged my memory. you have an amazing sister and i'll always remember her since she and i share a name:-) can't wait for her to come back and start baking all that yumminess.


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