Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy First Birthday, Jude

This past week. Jude celebrated his first birthday.

How he's possibly one already is beyond me.

It just so happens that my nephew's birthday is only two days later. He was turning two. So, what could be more fun than combining their birthdays for twice the fun?

When I say we had a sort of woodland theme, I'm using the term theme very lightly. We didn't go overboard. Just a few touches here and there to make it special.

We strung pinecones and birch leaves as bunting, tucked some moss under the glass cloches, and kept the florals to mostly greens.

I tend to get a lot of comments that I only use white decorations and kraft paper. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm always prepared and everything always matches. I buy bulk quantities of packaging supplies and decorations and use and reuse them for many different occasions.

I especially love these silver numbers I found at hobby lobby.

We move our dining room seating into the living room, and while things get a little cozy, it always works.

Pretty, yet simple decor at it's finest: kraft takeout boxes for favours, and oak leaves I found in the woods.

This is an antique pine cabinet I picked up a few weeks ago. I'll post more on it soon.

If you follow me on instagram, you'll know I've been working on setting up this corner.

A simple drink station for coffee and punch.

It was an after church lunch, so the menu was simple:
An assortment of sandwiches and a BLT cobb salad.

For dessert, birthday cake, mini cupcakes and chocolate and pistachio macarons.

To add to the woodland theme, I topped the cake with meringue mushrooms.

So much fun!

I loved this shot.
After he opened our gift, he climbed on top and loudly warned nobody to touch it!


  1. Oh this is such a precious picture :) - Chelsea

  2. What a lovely celebration. I love the decorations and the cake is grand! I love the pine cabinet too - so beautiful!

  3. Following your blog for awhile and love your style. I too decorate only with white and wood and feel that combination so peaceful and soothing. Your home is gorgeous!! May I ask where you found those lovely bark looking boards on your dining room table? Love those!!

    1. Hi Dana,

      Our grandfather actually cut up a log. We used them for my sister's wedding on all the tables, and these were a few left over. I have seen them though, I just can't think of where at the moment.


    2. Dana,

      While rereading this month's Country Living, I spotted where I had seen them. They featured various centerpieces and one of the arrangements was ontop of wood slices from Joanne Fabrics.

      Hope that helps!


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