Friday, August 13, 2010

APOTHECARY ~ Dr.Feelgood

This week featured in the apothecary is Benefit's Dr.Feelgood. "A velvety complexion balm with a feel good finish", Dr. Feelgood promises to leave your skin with a beautiful matte finish - something every girl needs in the overly balmy weather we've been having so much of.

Dr.Feelgood works like a primer and smoothes out wrinkles and lines making your finish more polished and flawless. It doesn't have the greasy feeling that many primers have and it doesn't feel as heavy I find. Because it kind of smoothes everything out nicely, I find I can wear less makeup. A simple swipe of powder goes a lot further on a smoothe, even surface.

$28 at Sephora and even available through some Shoppers Drug Marts in Canada.

* This may seem pricey, but a very little goes a long way!

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  1. I have to get something like this for my mom.


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