Monday, August 16, 2010

Featured Garden ~ the Byleveld House

I've decided to feature my father's gardens this week. He spends a lot of time maintaining them and keeping them so perfectly manicured and beautiful. He's constantly relocating existing plants, incorporating new ones, and always adding a few new little treasures here and there to put his mark on them. His gardens are always co-ordinated in colour and with the season. There's always a variety of annuals mixed with old perennials. His gardens are meticulously edged, weeded and turned over. He's been known to rip a few plants out simply because he's found others that he enjoys looking at more, and even for completely re-landscaping the entire garden in a mere weekend just for a change of scenery. I guess it's one of the many perks of being in the growing industry. He always finds a way to add some whimsical charm with little bird houses, small ponds and creative window boxes. His gardens house his collections of implements that he's gathered from many auctions over the years. He has a tiny little rabbit cage in his shed made of old wooden windows and chicken wire - the closest he can get to the farm life he loves in the city. There are many little places to sit and enjoy the view over a cup of coffee - something we do each week when I go to visit. He's even managed to find a way to provide my mom with fresh herbs (housed in old wooden crates) and vine ripe tomatoes (in old sap buckets). It's a small city garden with big country heart!

Clippings from his hydrangea bushes.

Old wooden windows hanging along his fence with beautiful window boxes.

Incorporated implements for a rustic country feel.

He used some old plastic barrels to create a small little pond.
He got this old vintage wood stove for $5 at an auction a couple years ago. He added a chimney and now uses it instead of a small fire pit - makes coffee outside in the evening so cozy!

His bunny hops freely around in the grass while he works in the yard.
Tomato plants.
A miniature herb garden in an old apple crate.
Some of the many bird houses.


  1. What a special tour of your father's garden..Love all the rustic touches.

  2. Maria, this blog is so amazing and inspiring :) It is so much fun to read... one of these days I will try your pie-crust recipe. Move over Martha, Maria is taking over!!

  3. I also enjoy your blog, Maria. You are a very gifted young woman. It is so interesting to view your photos and read your comments. Thanks for sharing this gift with us.

  4. This is always my favourite garden to visit!!
    Now I can take a peek anytime right from my computer!

  5. The vintage wood stove is so pretty. I love the big eyes of the bunny.


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