Monday, August 16, 2010

A Country Wedding

As promised, here are just a few photos from the wedding I attended this past weekend. It was a simple evening wedding held in a beautiful backyard garden. The tent was set at the bottom of hill that overlooked the town and was surrounded by forest, meadows and gorgeous gardens. To the soft glow of chandeliers, with music playing in the background, we ate as the sun set. It was a wonderful wedding that was celebrated with a beautiful fireworks display to conclude the evening. It was elegant and simple with just a little bit of country flair.

The bride and groom - this was their third wedding: The first was a simple beach wedding in Denmark with the state (since she is from Canada and he is from Brazil but both are living in Germany). The second was their church wedding and reception in Germany. And, the third, this one, was just the reception for all her friends and family here in Canada. They really know how to celebrate!

The old school bell atop her parents garage rang, announcing their arrival as they came down the hill.

The tent and table settings. Everything was in shades of purple.

The flowers were just simple arrangements of cream gerbera daisies, pink wax flower and purple status tied together with twine in old mason jars - very country chic!

The view from the hill.

Her bouquet was very elegant with cream roses and various purple and green accents.

The cake was fantastic! One layer was vanilla with a creamy frosting and raspberry filling and the other was chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling.

Even the gardens were co-ordinating! Everything was blooming in beautiful shades of purple and luscious green.


  1. Great pics and the flowers were beautiful!! The cake was amazing!!

  2. It tasted just as amazing as it looked!

  3. The bride and groom are both really good looking people. They look so happy too. I hope they are happily married forever. I love all the flowers that were at the wedding. Nothing makes a wedding more special then tons of flowers.


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