Friday, August 13, 2010

Country Chic Wedding Inspirations

This morning I'm heading out again, this time to a small town North East of Toronto. My cousin from Germany has come to Canada for her wedding reception and the party is going to be outside, at her parents place. It's a beautiful spot, nestled at the top of a hill, over-looking the town. I'm sure I'll have some photos to post later but for now, I just wanted to post a few wedding collages I found from other country weddings. I love the feel of them! Each one is gorgeous!

I was married in the old church that my parents were married in, out in the country, late in the summer. A classic, old Benz took us to our reception which was located at Balls Falls; a historic, conservation site here in Niagara. There's a big old barn that housed our reception and it was the perfect spot for a laid back, country wedding.

Enjoy these other beautiful weddings and I'll be sure to come back with some beautiful shots of this one!
(P.S. After I saw this picture above with the bails of hay, I decided that my next dinner party is going to be just like this! It's gorgeous and relatively easy to pull off too!)


  1. I love the hay sitting and the pictures in the mason jars, can't want to tie it into my wedding! Thanks for sharing, Jessica

  2. I've never actually been to a wedding before. Everyone tells me it's really fun.


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