Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BROWSE LIST ~ Curious Sofa

This week featured on the browse list is a wonderful shop in Kansas - Curious Sofa. The name alone peeks your interest, does it not? Though it's found in the midst of a shopping village, owner Debbie Dusenberry went to great lengths to create the antique shop that's graced so many magazines today. Brick columns, aged wallpaper and decaying plaster were all used to create a store full of old world charm and character. Curious Sofa houses offbeat items, a mix of new and old furniture and lots of vintage inspirations. The store transforms with the seasons (something Debbie oversees with great detail) ensuring that each visit will bring something new and exciting. The shops mantra of "Less than serious surroundings" makes it clear that this unique little boutique is anything but ordinary.

Owner Debbie Dusenberry, a Kansas City native, is the sole owner of the shop. When she's not off on a buying trip, scouting out the next great vintage features for the shop, she's busy in the store setting up displays and working her magic. Her career began as a photo stylist and her love of all things vintage and inspiring radiates in her shop.

Pretty dried roses are a romantically rustic addition to this displayed vintage dress form.

An old typewriter and vintage ephemera found in the Paperie department along with other pretty stationary.

The Boudoir, the most feminine part of the store, is full of delicate fabrics and soft floral prints to make any bed more luxurious and inviting.

An inexpensive indulgence, a few kinds of soap can always be found for the bath.

Pretty vintage postcards are on display along with beautiful letterpress cards.

Garden accessories are on display in an old potting shed.
Be sure to head over to her fabulous website to check everything out for yourself -


  1. I would love to check out the shop in person. I sadly live extremely far away from it. If I was in the area though I so would check it out. It looks like a beautiful shop. Full of treasures.

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