Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Featured Etsy Shop: Faded Plains

[All photos from Faded Plains]

- Faded Plains -
Vintage. Inspired. Living.

This week, I am so pleased to introduce you to the lovely little shop Faded Plains.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect store to feature than Andrea's.

Her love of the simple country life has motivated her to bring you vintage, and vintage styled goods, inspired by farmhouse style. And, that she does, just brilliantly.

Here are only a few of the wonderful things she's found or created.

Paris le Puy Pillow Slip - $28.00

c.1800 Handwritten French Transcript - $21.00

Keys - $6.00

Kitchen Towel - $6.50

Be sure to pop over to her online shop:

And, to her Etsy shop for more of her vintage finds:

And, of course, her lovely blog:


  1. Ahhh...your too sweet. Thanks so much Maria...I truly appreciate it! Oh...and I love the pretty little white house in your post below...simply beautiful.

  2. Maria ~ I ADORE ANDREA and FADED PLAINS!!!! Love her dearly!!! :) She's sweet, creative, and oh such a wonderful artist! I'm so glad that you featured her today!

    xoxo laurie

  3. Love her shop, already in my favorites! Just gorgeous designs.

  4. I agree... love both Andrea's blog and her Etsy shop! She has a beautiful style!
    Enjoy the rest of your week, Maria!
    ~ Jo :)

  5. She's the reason I have met you! And yes, I adore her blog and easy shop!

    Off to read some more...my cocoa is almost done, but I just might have to make another and keep reading!

    Ciao again Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  6. I love the kitchen table cloth. It has a beautiful font and color to it.


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