Saturday, January 29, 2011

To Market

After meeting the entire family for breakfast this morning, my son and I took my mom and sister to the market.

Today, on this almost rainy winters day, it's was all about two things.

A bunch of fresh flowers, and chocolate croissants for with coffee.

I was happy that my flower man had finally returned from his winter escape, and that he brought with him pails of lovely cream and pink roses.

The croissants are from a local patisserie - De La Terre. They are everything a perfect chocolate croissant should be; not too flaky, but still airy, moist, but not chewy and stuffed with lots of dark chocolate... none of these tiny little bits of chocolate.

If I'm going to enjoy a chocolate croissant, I would like to taste the chocolate.

I found these gorgeous sap buckets last weekend, and couldn't wait to fill them. When I have my tag sales, I have a flower stand out of old orchard crates. Rusty old sap buckets hold all of my hand-tied bouquets and loose flowers. It's perfectly rustic.

Some of the roses have the slightest hint of pink in them.


  1. Beautiful flowers and I love them in the sap buckets.

  2. Man, when we were in France we had pain au chocolat every other morning! It was sublime! They had lines of wonderful chocolate straight through them. Once we actually get overseas I think Shane and I will have to have a serious talk about how often to get them ;)

    -J. M. K.

  3. Your roses look right at home in the sap bucket! Very pretty, Maria!


  4. Oh Maria, I love the market (I am assuming you are talking about the St.Catharines market). I really miss going!

  5. Hi!! I'm a new follower and I found you from Urban Farmgirl.... Off to read more but wanted to say "hi"

    Please come visit me if you have time!

  6. Oh my goodness, what lovely flowers for your sap bucket. Those chocolate croissants looks just like the ones in France, they are making my mouth water :) I wish I could find them in my area, you described them perfectly. I had to have one every morning while I was in France :) You have just made my day :)
    Oh and I am now a follower.

  7. Truly beautiful flowers. It was nice of your men to bring you them.


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