Monday, January 17, 2011

A Lovely Weekend

The hyacinths in bloom.

I just had a lovely weekend. There seemed to be a few things each day that made it a little extra special. Little things that I was grateful for.

It started with date night on Friday night. One of the perks we often get to enjoy are some social events that come along with my husbands job. We were given tickets to an icewine gala which meant a fancy night out for a change. We were spoiled with tastings of various icewines from all of the major wineries in our region, as well as the most indulgently delicious food. Stations of intricately plated sample dishes from local restaurants and a dessert buffet that was nothing short of a sweet shop. Seriously. There was everything from candy floss wrapped strawberries, to shelves of truffles, miniature pots of creme brulle and even cheesecake on a stick. It was beyond heavenly! The best part of the night though? Feeling like we were back on one of our first dates, laughing our way through the evening and doing all those fun things you tend to forget to do after you've been married a while.

The next morning found us enjoying our Saturday morning greasy spoon breakfast over one of the best cups of coffee in town. However, this weekend, my son had spent the night at Nona and Opa's house. This meant that after an early morning breakfast (since Saturday is a work day for my husband), mummy got to go back home to bed and actually enjoy reading her book for a little while longer. Sometimes I forget just how much I love getting lost for a while in a good book - especially when it's a small blizzard outside.

Eventually I did drag myself out of bed. An auction was beckoning. I navigated my way through the wintry storm to a tiny community hall not too far away. It was a decent morning and I managed to nab 3 gorgeous glass cake stands to add to my collection.

Sunday was a lovely sermon, something I'm always grateful for and Sunday afternoon was spent catering a lunch for my sister's upcoming mission trip to Ireland.

Today was a lazy day that allowed me to catch up on some cleaning and puttering around the house. Since my husband is home on Monday's, he gets to spend some time with our son, and I get a chance to do some things I don't always find the time to do. Like leisurely bake a beautiful pie.

I love the smell of an apple pie baking. It's not near my favourite pie to enjoy, but there's something homey about it that I love. It's that sweet, cinnamon smell that fills your entire house and the way it looks sitting on your counter, cooling. It just says home.

And finally, throughout the entire weekend I was constantly stopped by the most fragrant smelling hyacinths! My entire kitchen is filled with their beautiful scent and I'm reminded of spring every time I walk past them. It's amazing how such a simple thing can bring so much joy.

I hope you all had a weekend that was full of things just as lovely as mine was.

Two of the three cake stands. Aren't the gorgeous?

The apple pie, right from the oven. My secret touch? Freshly ground cinnamon!


  1. Your pie looks heavenly, and the cake stands are lovely. The etching/detail is so pretty. It sounds like you guys had a lovely night out, and all those treats sound devine. Hubby and I always enjoy the work Christmas party, very nice night out with someone else feeding us and doing the dishes!

  2. What an enjoyable post! I am sitting here sipping coffee and loving every word. I'm glad you had such a delightful weekend. That party sounds divine! Good company and good dessert! :) My weekend was equally enjoyable, though I may have to add in an apple pie!

  3. Lovely post, it evokes a lot of feelings of coziness. I could really go for a slice of that apple pie (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, thankyouverymuch)!


  4. Your pies look delicious.

    So glad you got to spend an wonderful evening with your husband. Don't all couples need time like that to fall in love again?

  5. Maria....
    You really are such a pleasure to read. I take great joy in the simple things in life too...and you've put me in the mood to make a pie!
    My favourite is ricotta cheese pie!

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina


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