Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All Aboard

[Windrush Photographic]

This morning, Ryan and I boarded a train to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a week away, just the two of us.

It's about 31 hours with a quick transfer in Montreal, Quebec.

I've never travelled by rail before, but I must say, it's much more comfortable than I anticipated.
(However, not as luxurious as I had imagined. I blame that on Harry Potter.)

We will be arriving tomorrow evening in Halifax, spending the night at a beautiful old hotel downtown, and from there, camping our way around the Cabot Trail before arriving back in Halifax a week tomorrow.

We're just approaching the station, so have a lovely week!

Bon Soir!


  1. Have a fabulous trip! I would love to do the Cabot Trail someday with my family. p.s. love this photo of Union Station!

  2. Hello and bon voyage. I'm a first time visitor; came here from My Heart's Song.

    I have fallen in love with train travel. My comparison would've been to Agatha Christie's Orient Express, but of course even if there were something like that still available, I couldn't afford it.

    However, I can afford ordinary trains and sleeping compartments.

    I never want to fly again.


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