Friday, August 19, 2011

Out East

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter]

Before I begin, I think it's only fair to warn that this is a long post, full of photos.

We had an amazing trip and the scenery did not disappoint! As a result, selecting only a few to highlight the entire trip, which covered a lot of the Eastern coast, was near impossible.

We took the train from Toronto to Halifax, Nova Scotia (31 long hours with a quick stop over in Montreal), and spent the first night downtown Halifax. We then headed further East, to do the Cabot Trail. On our way back down the trail, we decided to skip over to the neighboring island of PEI. From there, we headed back down to Halifax where we boarded a train the next morning back home.

So, I will give you a moment to make yourself a cup of coffee, before you sit down and browse through. I will try my best to keep the captions short.


There were so many gorgeous inlets and coves, full of the most beautiful sailboats.

The white shake houses were my favourite. They were everywhere and each gorgeous in it's own way.

This one was a particular favourite. I think it was the porch overlooking the coast.

We made frequent stops to explore beaches while the tides were out.

To me, this was the epitome of Eastern homes. I loved it! It was quite perfect and quaint.

This was where the cottage above was nestled... I know, perfect!

This was from the Cabot Trail, heading down into our campground at Meat Cove, the most Northern tip of Nova Scotia.

Our lovely little cabin at dusk. It was the most amazing place we've stayed I think. It was right at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the ocean. We fell asleep to the sound of the waves and woke up to the most gorgeous sunrises, right off our little front porch.

We did some hiking in the mountains around Meat Cove (you can see out little campground tucked in the background).

We made an impromptu side trip to Prince Edward Island, and I'm so glad we did. It was an hour ferry ride from our original stop. Instead of spending the night in a city with nothing much to offer but accommodations, we got to explore the most beautiful little island, with the reddest beaches, the quaintest homes, and the cutest towns. We spent the night at an inn in the Historic part of Charlottetown. We browsed shops and toured small galleries and walked about before enjoying an amazing dinner. 

Despite the rain, we still managed to get out and see everything on foot, with umbrellas in hand.

The following day brought a few stops to old fishing villages, a wharf and even Green Gables, home to the legendary Anne of Green Gables.

I couldn't get enough of the old fishing village.

Next was a local fish market, which was quiet, as all the fisherman were out for the day's catch.

We also did some antiquing along the way, however the amount of space allowed when travelling by train is very limited, and considering we already had our camping gear and luggage with us, I was only able to bring home a few small items. More to come on one in particular later though. 


  1. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing and inspiring a future trip.

  2. What gorgeous photographs! It looks like such a serene and captivating place. Thank you for transporting me there.


  3. Wow, it looks like an amazing trip. And the photos are beautiful! Love them!

    Maria @ Linen & Verbena

  4. Lovely photos...If I ever get to the U.S.....Robx

  5. enjoy every minute, trips are so invigorating and you return home filled with ideas.


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